40 Coastal And Beach-Inspired Sunroom Design Ideas

Coastal And Beach Inspired Sunroom Design Ideas Cover

It’s spring now but I can’t stop thinking about the coming summer and wonderful time on some beach. If you have a beach house or just feel inspired by the seaside, you just need to have a beach-inspired sunroom! Why not design it right now and feel that sea spirit?

Colors Schemes And Styles

You may choose any style you like and that matches your home decor: modern, contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, vintage, farmhouse and so on. As for color palettes, navy and all shades of blue are traditional for beach and coastal interiors but you may also try turquoise, aqua, mint blue, grey and even purple. There are several sea-inspired colors that will look amazing for a nautical space: navy, orange, red, aqua, turquoise and white. If you want something bold and contemporary, use a color scheme of white, blues and fuchsia or hot pink to make it bright and cheerful.

A Beachy Sunroom With Rattan Furniture, Printed Textiles, A Wooden Table And Some Potted Plants

a beachy sunroom with rattan furniture, printed textiles, a wooden table and some potted plants

A Beuatiful Modern Farmhouse Coastal Sunroom With A Large Sectional, Blue Pillows, A Wooden Table And Woven Chandelier

a beuatiful modern farmhouse coastal sunroom with a large sectional, blue pillows, a wooden table and woven chandelier

A Bright Beach Sunroom With A Rattan Furniture, Bright Blue And Navy Upholstery And Bamboo Tables And Shades

a bright beach sunroom with a rattan furniture, bright blue and navy upholstery and bamboo tables and shades

A Bright Mint Blue Sunroom With White Wooden Furniture, Striped Upholstery And A Cozy Dining Space

a bright mint blue sunroom with white wooden furniture, striped upholstery and a cozy dining space

A Bright Modern Beachy Sunroom With White Metal Furniture With Super Bold Upholstery, Some Potted Blooms And Seashells

a bright modern beachy sunroom with white metal furniture with super bold upholstery, some potted blooms and seashells

A Bright Modern Sunroom With White And Striped Furniture, Printed Pillows And A Jute Rug Is Very Cool

a bright modern sunroom with white and striped furniture, printed pillows and a jute rug is very cool

A Coastal Sunroom With A Daybed Squeezed In, Printed Pillows And A Basket And A Dough Bowl

a coastal sunroom with a daybed squeezed in, printed pillows and a basket and a dough bowl

A Coastal Sunroom With A Modern Neutral Daybed, Striped Pillows And Neutral Textiles Plus Gorgeous Sea Views

a coastal sunroom with a modern neutral daybed, striped pillows and neutral textiles plus gorgeous sea views

A Coastal Sunroom With Mid-Century Modern Furniture, A Navy Blanket, A Cool Artwork And A Woven Pendant Lamp

a coastal sunroom with mid-century modern furniture, a navy blanket, a cool artwork and a woven pendant lamp

A Modern Coastal Sunroom With Striped Daybeds, White Pillows And Blankets, A Hanging Rattan Chair And Greenery

a modern coastal sunroom with striped daybeds, white pillows and blankets, a hanging rattan chair and greenery

A Nautical Sunroom With A Dark Rattan Sectional, Striped Poufs, A Vintage Table And A Potted Plant

a nautical sunroom with a dark rattan sectional, striped poufs, a vintage table and a potted plant

A Simple Beach Sunroom With Wooden Daybeds, Printed Textiles, A Wooden Chest And Candles Plus Cool Views

a simple beach sunroom with wooden daybeds, printed textiles, a wooden chest and candles plus cool views

A Stylish Beach Sunroom With An Aqua Floor, White Wooden Furniture And Printed Textiles

a stylish beach sunroom with an aqua floor, white wooden furniture and printed textiles

A Vintage Coastal Sunroom With Blue Furniture And A Lamp, A Woven Chest, An Elegant Table And Printed Curtains

a vintage coastal sunroom with blue furniture and a lamp, a woven chest, an elegant table and printed curtains


Choose the furniture according to the chosen style, it can be indoor or outdoor pieces of rattan or some other traditionally outdoor wood. A vintage space can be done with heavy dark furniture with white or navy upholstery, and a Scandinavian one will benefit from simple wooden pieces. Bring tables for drinks and books and some poufs or ottomans that also match the style of the space. Add driftwood, rope and sea creatures like urchins, shells, sea stars and wicker furniture to make the space cozier. If it’s a beach or coastal cottage, don’t forget to maximize the size of the windows for a fantastic view and avoid any curtains or you can add blinds if the sun is getting annoying sometimes. Get inspired to create your ultimate coastal sunroom!

A Vintage-Inspired Coastal Sunroom With White And Black Vintage Furniture, Ligth Blue Upholstery, Chic Sea Views

a vintage-inspired coastal sunroom with white and black vintage furniture, ligth blue upholstery, chic sea views

An Elegant Coastal Sunroom With White And Light Blue Furniture, Woven Shades, A Brick Fireplace, A Woven Lamp And A Coastal Artwork

an elegant coastal sunroom with white and light blue furniture, woven shades, a brick fireplace, a woven lamp and a coastal artwork

An Elegant Vintage Sunroom With A White Daybed And A Light Blue Chair, A Vintage Table With Lamps And A Cool Pendant Lamp

an elegant vintage sunroom with a white daybed and a light blue chair, a vintage table with lamps and a cool pendant lamp

A Stylish Nautical Sunroom With White Wicker Furniture, Navy Upholstery And Pillows And A Vintage Chandelier

a stylish nautical sunroom with white wicker furniture, navy upholstery and pillows and a vintage chandelier

A Coastal Sunroom With A Small Kitchen, A Small Dining Space, A Couple Of Chairs And A Daybed For Spending Time Almost Outdoors

a coastal sunroom with a small kitchen, a small dining space, a couple of chairs and a daybed for spending time almost outdoors

A Tiffany Blue Coastal Sunroom With A Dining And Living Room Space, With Blooms And Printed Upholstery

a tiffany blue coastal sunroom with a dining and living room space, with blooms and printed upholstery

A Coastal Sunroom In Rustic Style With Neutral And Blue Furniture, A Wooden Table With Baskets And A Vintage Chandelier

a coastal sunroom in rustic style with neutral and blue furniture, a wooden table with baskets and a vintage chandelier

A Beach Sunroom With Chocolate Brown And Light Blue Furniture, Wooden And Metal Tables And Potted Greenery

a beach sunroom with chocolate brown and light blue furniture, wooden and metal tables and potted greenery

A Beach Sunroom Nook With A Blue And Neutral L-Shaped Bench And Comfy Cushions And Pillows Is Lovely

a beach sunroom nook with a blue and neutral L-shaped bench and comfy cushions and pillows is lovely

A Coastal Sunroom With Neutral And Light Blue Furniture, Color Block Curtains, Woven Shades And A Wicker Table Plus Greenery

a coastal sunroom with neutral and light blue furniture, color block curtains, woven shades and a wicker table plus greenery

A Vintage Rustic Coastal Sunroom With A Dining Zone, Blue Furniture, A Vintage Chandelier And Some Bottles For Decor

a vintage rustic coastal sunroom with a dining zone, blue furniture, a vintage chandelier and some bottles for decor

A Beach Sunroom With Neutral Furniture, A Woven Table, Blooms And Greenery And A Cool Beach View

a beach sunroom with neutral furniture, a woven table, blooms and greenery and a cool beach view

A Modern Beachy Sunroom With A Blue L-Shaped Sofa, Black Pillows, Wooden Tables And Candles And Art

a modern beachy sunroom with a blue L-shaped sofa, black pillows, wooden tables and candles and art

A Bold Blue Beachy Sunroom With Dark Woven Furniture And Blue Upholstery, A Blue Table And Corals Plus Printed Stools

a bold blue beachy sunroom with dark woven furniture and blue upholstery, a blue table and corals plus printed stools

A Coastal Nordic Sunroom With Simple Wooden Furniture, White And Light Blue Pillows, Greenery And Elegant Vases

a coastal Nordic sunroom with simple wooden furniture, white and light blue pillows, greenery and elegant vases

A Beach Farmhouse Sunroom With Neutral Furniture With Storage, A Wooden Table And Light Blue And Mint Blue Pillows And Upholstery

a beach farmhouse sunroom with neutral furniture with storage, a wooden table and light blue and mint blue pillows and upholstery

A Beach Sunroom With White Wicker Furniture And Blue Striped Upholstery Plus A Vintage Blue Table And Blue Curtains

a beach sunroom with white wicker furniture and blue striped upholstery plus a vintage blue table and blue curtains

A Beach Sunroom With A Modern Neutral Sofa, A Driftwood And Glass Table And Printed Pillows And Light Green Curtains

a beach sunroom with a modern neutral sofa, a driftwood and glass table and printed pillows and light green curtains

A Vintage Beach Sunroom With A Wooden Table, Blue And White Printed Chairs With Covers, A Rug And Vintage Chandeliers

a vintage beach sunroom with a wooden table, blue and white printed chairs with covers, a rug and vintage chandeliers

A Nautical Sunroom With A Blue Carpet, Blue Curtains, Vintage Wood Furniture With Blue Upholstery And A Gorgeous View

a nautical sunroom with a blue carpet, blue curtains, vintage wood furniture with blue upholstery and a gorgeous view

A Coastal Sunroom With A Built-In L-Shaped Bench With Storage, Light Green Walls, Curtains And Pillows

a coastal sunroom with a built-in L-shaped bench with storage, light green walls, curtains and pillows

A Vintage Rustic Coastal Sunroom With Dark Wooden Furniture With Blue Upholstery, Baskets, Shades And A White Sofa Plus A Cool View

a vintage rustic coastal sunroom with dark wooden furniture with blue upholstery, baskets, shades and a white sofa plus a cool view

A Beach Sunroom With Built-In Benches, Tiffany Blue And Printed Pillows Plus A Cool Coastal View

a beach sunroom with built-in benches, tiffany blue and printed pillows plus a cool coastal view

A Modern Beach Sunroom With Striped Curtains, Elegant White Furniture, A Woven Ottoman And Red Touches

a modern beach sunroom with striped curtains, elegant white furniture, a woven ottoman and red touches

A Vintage Beach Sunroom With Dark And Blue And White Upholstery Furniture, A Dark Table And A Marvellous View

a vintage beach sunroom with dark and blue and white upholstery furniture, a dark table and a marvellous view

A Vintage Nautical Sunroom With Navy Carpet Floors, Navy Furniture,A White Table And Much Natural Light

a vintage nautical sunroom with navy carpet floors, navy furniture,a white table and much natural light

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