43 Dreamy Attic Sunroom Design Ideas

Dreamy Attic Sunroom Design Ideas Cover

Sun rays – that’s what we lack these cold days, so if you still don’t have a sunroom, or just some sun space – maybe a part of some room – get inspired by the ideas below! We’ve already told you of some cool sunroom design ideas but today’s article is special: it’s about attic spaces. Guys, if you have a free attic space or even a corner – turn it into a sunroom! An attic space is especially easy to turn into a sun-catching one as you can get glass ceiling and walls and just enjoy lots and lots of sunlight.

The style and color scheme are up to you, if it’s a part of the room, then it should match, and if not – why not create what you really like? Rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic, vintage, contemporary or Scandinavian style can be a nice solution for a sunroom. You may go for more an orangery or more a sunroom, for example, it’s up to you. You may also include several zones like living room, dining and reading and even working space or have just one.

A Bright Contemporary Attic Sunroom With Neutral Sofas And Pink Pillows, A Wooden Table And Some Teaware Is Very Welcoming

a bright contemporary attic sunroom with neutral sofas and pink pillows, a wooden table and some teaware is very welcoming

A Bright Eclectic Sunroom With Wooden And Wicker Furniture, Potted Plants And Blooms, Pendant Lamps And Bright Rugs And Pillows

a bright eclectic sunroom with wooden and wicker furniture, potted plants and blooms, pendant lamps and bright rugs and pillows

A Chic Mid-Century Modern Attic Space With Elegant Furniture, Tables, Baskets And Bright Pillows And Plants

a chic mid-century modern attic space with elegant furniture, tables, baskets and bright pillows and plants

A Chic Vintage Sunroom Space With A Neutral Chair, A Wooden Table And Some Elegant Lamps

a chic vintage sunroom space with a neutral chair, a wooden table and some elegant lamps

A Colorful Sunroom With Green Walls, Bright Furniture, Potted Greenery And Blooms

a colorful sunroom with green walls, bright furniture, potted greenery and blooms

A Conservatory With Lots Of Greenery And Blooms, Wooden Furniture And Candle Lanterns

a conservatory with lots of greenery and blooms, wooden furniture and candle lanterns

A Contemporary Sunroom With A Sectional, Some Rugs, Tables And Ottomans And Much Shunshine

a contemporary sunroom with a sectional, some rugs, tables and ottomans and much shunshine

A Contemporary Sunroom With Stylish Modern Furniture, Potted Greenery And Rugs And Lots Of Sunshine

a contemporary sunroom with stylish modern furniture, potted greenery and rugs and lots of sunshine

A Gorgeous Attic Sunroom And Home Office With A Desk, A Chair, Some Plants On Stands And A Cabinet Plus Baskets

a gorgeous attic sunroom and home office with a desk, a chair, some plants on stands and a cabinet plus baskets

A Lush Sunroom Or Orangery With Neutral Furniture, Tan Poufs, A Pendant Lamp And Lots Of Potted Greneery And Blooms

a lush sunroom or orangery with neutral furniture, tan poufs, a pendant lamp and lots of potted greneery and blooms

A Mid-Century Modern Sunroom With Plywood And Metal Furniture, Printed Textiles And A Dining Space In The Sun

a mid-century modern sunroom with plywood and metal furniture, printed textiles and a dining space in the sun

A Modern Kitchen And Dining Space Designed As A Sunroom Are Great For Cooking And Having Meals Feeling Almost Outdoors

a modern kitchen and dining space designed as a sunroom are great for cooking and having meals feeling almost outdoors

A Neutral And Peaceful Sunroom With A Tiled Floor And Chic Furniture Plus Stylish Artworks

a neutral and peaceful sunroom with a tiled floor and chic furniture plus stylish artworks

A Refined Vintage Sunroom With Rattan Chairs, A Glass Table And A Lamp Is Opened To The Terrace

a refined vintage sunroom with rattan chairs, a glass table and a lamp is opened to the terrace

A Scandinavian Sunroom With Mismatching Chairs, A Wooden Table And A Large Storage Unit, Potted Greenery

a Scandinavian sunroom with mismatching chairs, a wooden table and a large storage unit, potted greenery

A Scandinavian Sunroom, With Concrete And Metal Furniture, Potted Greenery And Plants And A Cover To Avoid Excessive Sunshine

a Scandinavian sunroom, with concrete and metal furniture, potted greenery and plants and a cover to avoid excessive sunshine

A Simple And Contemporary Sunroom With A Large Grey Sectional, A Black Ottoman, A Vintage Chandelier And Folding Doors

a simple and contemporary sunroom with a large grey sectional, a black ottoman, a vintage chandelier and folding doors

A Small Refined Sunroom With Elegant Furniture, Lots Of Pillows, A Fir Throw, A Vintage Chandelier And Neutral Curtains

a small refined sunroom with elegant furniture, lots of pillows, a fir throw, a vintage chandelier and neutral curtains

A Stylish Mid-Century Modern Sunroom With Elegant Dark Furniture, Potted Greenery, A Pdant Lamp And Much Light

a stylish mid-century modern sunroom with elegant dark furniture, potted greenery, a pdant lamp and much light

Decide whether you want outdoor or indoor furniture here and take care that it matched your style. Bring matching decor like artworks, potted plants, blooms and greenery, tableware and stuff you like. Hang some curtains if you want privacy or want to avoid sunshine sometimes. Hang stylish lamps and chandeliers to make your sunroom delightful. Cozy up the space as much as you can – you will love cuddling here. The design of your sunroom is totally up to you, below you’ll find some awesome ideas to decorate it, catch and steal some, enjoy and get inspired!

A Stylish Modern Sunroom With Elegant Sofas, Potted Greenery And Nice Views Is Welcoming

a stylish modern sunroom with elegant sofas, potted greenery and nice views is welcoming

A Tropical Vintage Sunroom With Tropical Leaf Chairs, A Green Grey Sofa, A Wooden Table And Some Plants

a tropical vintage sunroom with tropical leaf chairs, a green grey sofa, a wooden table and some plants

A Vintage Sunroom With A Large Carpet, A Wooden Table And Refined Chairs, Potted Greenery And Blooms

a vintage sunroom with a large carpet, a wooden table and refined chairs, potted greenery and blooms

A Vintage Sunroom With Dark Rattan Furniture, Potted Plants And Blooms And A Vintage Pendant Lamp

a vintage sunroom with dark rattan furniture, potted plants and blooms and a vintage pendant lamp

An Elegant Shabby Chic Sunroom Dining Space With Stylish Rattan Chairs And A Large Table Is Great

an elegant shabby chic sunroom dining space with stylish rattan chairs and a large table is great

An Elegant Shabby Chic Sunroom With Rattan Chairs, A Forged Bed, Potted Greenery And Blooms

an elegant shabby chic sunroom with rattan chairs, a forged bed, potted greenery and blooms

A Small Attic Sunroom With A Built-In Daybed With Storage, Lots Of Pillows, A Desk And A Vintage Chair Plus A Striped Rug

a small attic sunroom with a built-in daybed with storage, lots of pillows, a desk and a vintage chair plus a striped rug

A Bright Modern Sunroom With Modern Furniture, A Pritned Rug, Potted Trees And Greenery And Bright Artworks

a bright modern sunroom with modern furniture, a pritned rug, potted trees and greenery and bright artworks

A Neutral Ultra-Modern Sunroom Space With Layered Rugs, Blue Chairs And Cool Skylights To Get More Natural Light

a neutral ultra-modern sunroom space with layered rugs, blue chairs and cool skylights to get more natural light

A Vintage-Inspired Sunroom Done In Tan And Beige, Dark Rattan Furniture And Pendant Lamps And Chandeliers

a vintage-inspired sunroom done in tan and beige, dark rattan furniture and pendant lamps and chandeliers

a <a href=minimalist white attic sunroom with a simple chair is an ideal space for reading or for kids’ playing” title=”a minimalist white attic sunroom with a simple chair is an ideal space for reading or for kids’ playing” src=”” data-lazy-src=”https://www.buyshop24.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/1600217304_716_43-Dreamy-Attic-Sunroom-Design-Ideas.jpg” width=”554″ height=”443″/>

a minimalist white attic sunroom with a simple chair is an ideal space for reading or for kids’ playing

A Modern Attic Sunroom Done With Bright Rugs, Vintage And Mid-Century Modern Furniture, Lamps And Accessories

a modern attic sunroom done with bright rugs, vintage and mid-century modern furniture, lamps and accessories

A Nordic Sunroom With Glazed Walls, Simple And Modern White Furniture, Greenery Is An Adorable Space To Stay

a Nordic sunroom with glazed walls, simple and modern white furniture, greenery is an adorable space to stay

A Cozy Rustic Attic Sunroom With Plaid Furniture, A Stone Clad Fireplace, Some Lights And A Pendant Fan

a cozy rustic attic sunroom with plaid furniture, a stone clad fireplace, some lights and a pendant fan

A Stylish Mid-Century Modern Sunroom With Simple And Elegant Furniture, Bookshelves And A Glazed Ceiling And Walls

a stylish mid-century modern sunroom with simple and elegant furniture, bookshelves and a glazed ceiling and walls

A Neutral Contemporary Attic Sunroom With Stylish White Furniture And Glass Tables And A Glazed Ceiling And A Wall

a neutral contemporary attic sunroom with stylish white furniture and glass tables and a glazed ceiling and a wall

A Neutral Contemporary Sunroom With Stylish Furniture, Dark Tables With Vases And All The Glazed Walls And A Ceiling

a neutral contemporary sunroom with stylish furniture, dark tables with vases and all the glazed walls and a ceiling

A Neutral Vintage Sunroom With Elegant And Refined Furniture In Pastels, Pendant Lamps, Lamps On The Tables And Much Light

a neutral vintage sunroom with elegant and refined furniture in pastels, pendant lamps, lamps on the tables and much light

A Sahbby Chic Attic Sunroom With Very Refined Vintage Furniture, A Dining, Sleeping And Relaxing Zone, Potted Greenery And Blooms

a sahbby chic attic sunroom with very refined vintage furniture, a dining, sleeping and relaxing zone, potted greenery and blooms

A Refined And Chic Sunroom With A Piano, Rattan Furniture, Lots Of Potted Blooms And Greenery And Lamps

a refined and chic sunroom with a piano, rattan furniture, lots of potted blooms and greenery and lamps

An Attic Sunroom With Mid-Century Modern Decor And Furniture In Dark Shades, Potted Greenery And Lanterns And Striped Pillows

an attic sunroom with mid-century modern decor and furniture in dark shades, potted greenery and lanterns and striped pillows

A Lovely Vintage Sunroom With A Tiled Floor And Brick Walls, Vintage Furniture Including Rattan Chairs And Potted Greenery Everywhere

a lovely vintage sunroom with a tiled floor and brick walls, vintage furniture including rattan chairs and potted greenery everywhere

A Contemporary Sunroom With Stylish Furniture, Bright Upholstery, Rugs And A Basket Is A Cool Space To Be

a contemporary sunroom with stylish furniture, bright upholstery, rugs and a basket is a cool space to be

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