48 Daring Glass Bedroom Design Ideas

Daring Glass Bedroom Design Ideas Cover

While it’s not for everyone, these spaces embrace the concept of the transparent bedrooms, each of them has some glazed part. These parts can be a wall or walls, a ceiling, especially an attic one, or just all the walls and the ceiling. Let’s take a closer look at them and maybe you’ll feel inspired to design your own one like that.

Inner Glass Walls

If your bedroom has no windows or you want to make one in your open layout and you have chosen a nook without windows, the best idea is to rock glass inner walls to separate it from the rest of the apartment. The walls can be framed imitating French windows or very sleek ones and such an idea will bring much daylight to the bedroom, which may lack it. Want more privacy? Hang curtains on the walls and enjoy!

A Cozy Bedroom With A Bed, A Vintage Storage Unit And Some Bold Art, With Hunter Green Walls And A Glass Wall With Doors

a cozy bedroom with a bed, a vintage storage unit and some bold art, with hunter green walls and a glass wall with doors

A Contemporary Neutral Bedroom With An Upholstered Bed, Some Lights And Pendant Lamps And Curtains Over A Glass Wall That Connects It To The Rest Of The House

a contemporary neutral bedroom with an upholstered bed, some lights and pendant lamps and curtains over a glass wall that connects it to the rest of the house

A Laconic Neutral Bedroom With A Dark Bed, Some Neutral Bedding Is Fully Enclosed Into Glass To Bring Light To It

a laconic neutral bedroom with a dark bed, some neutral bedding is fully enclosed into glass to bring light to it

A Light-Filled Neutral Bedroom With Glass Walls, A Bed, A Mirror And Some Art Is Very Cool And Feels Very Airy

a light-filled neutral bedroom with glass walls, a bed, a mirror and some art is very cool and feels very airy

A Modern Bedroom With Blue Walls, A Bed, Some Statement Plants And Vases And Glass Walls All Over To Maximize The Daylight

a modern bedroom with blue walls, a bed, some statement plants and vases and glass walls all over to maximize the daylight

A Monochromatic Scandinavian Bedroom With A Bed, A Pendant Lamp And Stylish Bedding Clad In Glass Completely Feels Very Airy And Light-Filled

a monochromatic Scandinavian bedroom with a bed, a pendant lamp and stylish bedding clad in glass completely feels very airy and light-filled

A Moody Nordic Bedroom With A Black Statement Wall, A Leather Bed, Nightstands And Laps And A Glass Framed Wall That Separates It From The Rest Of The Apartment

a moody Nordic bedroom with a black statement wall, a leather bed, nightstands and laps and a glass framed wall that separates it from the rest of the apartment

A Nordic Bedroom With A Bed And Some Black And White Artworks Separated From The Rest Of The Apartment With A Glass Sliding Door

a Nordic bedroom with a bed and some black and white artworks separated from the rest of the apartment with a glass sliding door

A Super Clean And Minimalist Bedroom In White, With An Exposed Brick Wall, Storage Units And Curtains Is Very Airy And A Glass Wall Connects It To The Rest Of The House

a super clean and minimalist bedroom in white, with an exposed brick wall, storage units and curtains is very airy and a glass wall connects it to the rest of the house

A Stylish Eclectic Bedroom With A Grey Statement Wall, A Leather Upholstered Bed, Nightstands And Boho Rugs Plus A Framed Glass Wall That Divides The Bedroom From The Rest Of The Space

a stylish eclectic bedroom with a grey statement wall, a leather upholstered bed, nightstands and boho rugs plus a framed glass wall that divides the bedroom from the rest of the space

A Monochromatic Scandinavian Bedroom With A Bed Right On The Wall, Storage Units And Some Sheer Glass Walls To Bring Some Light Inside

a monochromatic Scandinavian bedroom with a bed right on the wall, storage units and some sheer glass walls to bring some light inside

A Cozy Neutral Bedroom Design With A Glass Room Divider

a cozy neutral bedroom design with a glass room divider

Outer Glass Walls

Speaking of glass outer walls, glazing is usually made to enjoy the stunning views, that is super actual if you don’t have any neighbors and live somewhere in the woods, in the mountains or on the coast. You may rock just one glass wall or go for all of them at once and enjoy maximum of daylight and gorgeous views. You may have a door in this wall that leads to a garden, a terrace or a balcony and enjoy outdoors at maximum. And again – if you may lack privacy at some point or have neighbors, just hang some curtains and voila. If you are open to experiments and want to invite the outdoors inside, go for a glass bedroom design!

An Elegant Modern Bedroom With A Bed, An Upholstered Bench, Some Nightstands And Glass Walls To Enjoy The Views Of The City

an elegant modern bedroom with a bed, an upholstered bench, some nightstands and glass walls to enjoy the views of the city

An Airy Minimalist Bedroom In Neutrals, With A Large Bed, White Nightstands And A Glass Wall With A View Of The Private Courtyard

an airy minimalist bedroom in neutrals, with a large bed, white nightstands and a glass wall with a view of the private courtyard

A Stunning Neutral Bedroom With Some Cabinets, A Bed, Tree Stumps, A Bet Chair And Glass Walls With The Views Of A Big City

a stunning neutral bedroom with some cabinets, a bed, tree stumps, a bet chair and glass walls with the views of a big city

A Small Chalet Bedroom With A Glass Wall, A Bed With Plaid Bedding, A Vintage Wooden Nightstand And A View Of The Forest Is Veyr Cozy

a small chalet bedroom with a glass wall, a bed with plaid bedding, a vintage wooden nightstand and a view of the forest is veyr cozy

A Simple Contemporary Bedroom With A Bed, A Nightstand With A Lamp And Glass Walls Plus An Entrance To The Terrace Is Very Cool

a simple contemporary bedroom with a bed, a nightstand with a lamp and glass walls plus an entrance to the terrace is very cool

A Sea Bedroom With Glass Walls And Amazing Views, Chic White Furniture, Pendant Lamps And A Pebble Rug Is Fantastic

a sea bedroom with glass walls and amazing views, chic white furniture, pendant lamps and a pebble rug is fantastic

A Relaxed Neutral Bedroom With A Framed Glazed Wall, Stylish Furniture, Pampas Grass And A Wooden Nightstand Is Very Cool

a relaxed neutral bedroom with a framed glazed wall, stylish furniture, pampas grass and a wooden nightstand is very cool

A Relaxed Modern Bedroom With Dark Wooden Furniture, Neutral Bedding And A Glass Wall With A Door To The Terrace Plus Black Curtains

a relaxed modern bedroom with dark wooden furniture, neutral bedding and a glass wall with a door to the terrace plus black curtains

A Minimalist Bedroom With Storage Hidden In The Wall, A Bed, A Sleek Storage Unit And A Glass Wall With A View Of A Private Courtyard

a minimalist bedroom with storage hidden in the wall, a bed, a sleek storage unit and a glass wall with a view of a private courtyard

A Minimalist Bedroom With A Bed, Some Lamps And Gorgeous Sea Views Through Glass Walls Is A Fantastic Space To Be

a minimalist bedroom with a bed, some lamps and gorgeous sea views through glass walls is a fantastic space to be

A Lovely Contemporary Bedroom With A Bed, A Bench, Nightstands, Glass Walls And A Balcony Plus Amazing Ocean Views

a lovely contemporary bedroom with a bed, a bench, nightstands, glass walls and a balcony plus amazing ocean views

A Cozy Eclectic Bedroom With An Upholstered Bed, A Wooden Bench And A Fan, Rattan Lamps And A Rocker Chair On The Balcony

a cozy eclectic bedroom with an upholstered bed, a wooden bench and a fan, rattan lamps and a rocker chair on the balcony

A Cozy Boho Bedroom With A Bed, Comfy Chairs And Stools, A Fireplace In The Center And A Glazed Wall With A Forest View

a cozy boho bedroom with a bed, comfy chairs and stools, a fireplace in the center and a glazed wall with a forest view

A Cozy And Stylish Contemporary Bedroom With Catchy Bent Wooden Loungers, A Bed, A White Fur Rug And A Statement Plant Plus Sea Views

a cozy and stylish contemporary bedroom with catchy bent wooden loungers, a bed, a white fur rug and a statement plant plus sea views

A Contemporary Bedroom In Earthy Tones, With Statement Art And A Sliding Glass Door That Leads To A Terrace Is A Lovely Room

a contemporary bedroom in earthy tones, with statement art and a sliding glass door that leads to a terrace is a lovely room

A Simple And Modern Bedroom With A Rug And Abed And Glass Walls Everywhere Gets Much Daylight And Cool Views At The Same Time

a simple and modern bedroom with a rug and abed and glass walls everywhere gets much daylight and cool views at the same time

A Moody Dark Bedroom With Only A Bed On The Floor, Some Sconces, A Niche And A Glazed Ceiling To Mazximize Daylight In Here And Look At The Stars

a moody dark bedroom with only a bed on the floor, some sconces, a niche and a glazed ceiling to mazximize daylight in here and look at the stars

A Minimalist Bedroom With A Mattress On The Floor, Some Chairs And A Glass Wall With A Forest View Is Veyr Calming And Peaceful

a minimalist bedroom with a mattress on the floor, some chairs and a glass wall with a forest view is veyr calming and peaceful

A Tiny Bedroom Nook With Glass Wlals And A Mattress Right On The Floor Plus Views Of Nyc Is A Lovely Idea For Big City Fans

a tiny bedroom nook with glass wlals and a mattress right on the floor plus views of NYC is a lovely idea for big city fans

A Small Modern Bedroom With A Large Bed, Glass Walls And Gorgeous Forest Views Is A Lovely Space To Be

a small modern bedroom with a large bed, glass walls and gorgeous forest views is a lovely space to be

A Relaxing And Simple Bedroom With A Rounded Bed, A Glass Ceiling And Walls With A Gorgeous Winter View Is Amazing And Very Relaxing

a relaxing and simple bedroom with a rounded bed, a glass ceiling and walls with a gorgeous winter view is amazing and very relaxing

A Dark Ultra-Minimalist Bedroom Clad With Tiles, With Glass Walls To Bring Natural Light Inside, And An Outdoor Terrace With Some Candles For Enjoying Fresh Air

a dark ultra-minimalist bedroom clad with tiles, with glass walls to bring natural light inside, and an outdoor terrace with some candles for enjoying fresh air

A Mid-Century Modern Bedroom With Tiles On The Floor, A Wooden Storage Unit, A Home Office Nook And All Glass Walls Around To Enjoy The Moors

a mid-century modern bedroom with tiles on the floor, a wooden storage unit, a home office nook and all glass walls around to enjoy the moors

A Minimalist Bedroom Done In Grey Shades And With A Glass Wall That Opens Up To A Terrace With A Lovely Ocean View Is A Very Dreamy Space To Be

a minimalist bedroom done in grey shades and with a glass wall that opens up to a terrace with a lovely ocean view is a very dreamy space to be

A Tropical Mid-Century Modern Bedroom With Stylish Furniture And A Glass Wall That Separates The Room The Garden And Provides Cool Views

a tropical mid-century modern bedroom with stylish furniture and a glass wall that separates the room the garden and provides cool views

A Peaceful And Cozy Bedroom With An Upholstered Bed And A Gallery Of Windows Plus A Large Skylight To Maximize The Daylight And Enjoy Fresh Air

a peaceful and cozy bedroom with an upholstered bed and a gallery of windows plus a large skylight to maximize the daylight and enjoy fresh air

A Simple And Peaceful Bedroom With Simple Mid-Century Modern Furniture And A Glass Wall Of Double Height Is A Lovely And Calming Space To Stay In

a simple and peaceful bedroom with simple mid-century modern furniture and a glass wall of double height is a lovely and calming space to stay in

A Contemporary Bedroom With Just Some Furniture And A Fantastic Sea View Through Glazed Walls Is A Gorgeous Space To Stay In

a contemporary bedroom with just some furniture and a fantastic sea view through glazed walls is a gorgeous space to stay in

A Simple And Peaceful Zen Bedroom With A Bed On The Floor And A Framed Glass Wall With A Gorgeous View To A Japanese Garden

a simple and peaceful zen bedroom with a bed on the floor and a framed glass wall with a gorgeous view to a Japanese garden

A Stylish Mid-Century Modern Bedroom With Glazed Walls Is Centered Around The Views That Inspire And Look Fantastic And Curtains Allow To Make It Private

a stylish mid-century modern bedroom with glazed walls is centered around the views that inspire and look fantastic and curtains allow to make it private

A Contrasting Modern Bedroom With A Navy Rug, A Navy Upholstered Bed, Chic Nightstands, Table Lamps And A Glass Wall With Windows In It

a contrasting modern bedroom with a navy rug, a navy upholstered bed, chic nightstands, table lamps and a glass wall with windows in it

A Stylish Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Clad With Plywood, With Chic Furniture, A Sleeping And A Working Zone And Glass Walls To Benefit From The Views

a stylish mid-century modern bedroom clad with plywood, with chic furniture, a sleeping and a working zone and glass walls to benefit from the views

A Small Dark Bedroom With Dark Accent Walls, Glazed Walls And Curtains To Keep The Space Private When Needed

a small dark bedroom with dark accent walls, glazed walls and curtains to keep the space private when needed

A Neutral Contemporary Bedroom With Stylish Furniture, Glass Walls And An Entrance To The Terrace Is Filled With Light And Air

a neutral contemporary bedroom with stylish furniture, glass walls and an entrance to the terrace is filled with light and air

A Contemporary Bedroom With Chic Furniture, Glass Walls And A Curtain That Separates The Bedroom From The Rest Of The Space

a contemporary bedroom with chic furniture, glass walls and a curtain that separates the bedroom from the rest of the space

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