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Are you thinking about getting mood lights in your home?

Do you need some unique and exciting mood lighting ideas to notch up your living space? 

If yes, then you have come to the right spot! In this guide we’ll be giving you some of the coolest, warmest and most amazing mood lighting ideas that will add a spark to your living space. 

What is Mood Lighting? 

Before we spill the beans, let’s talk about what exactly mood lighting is. When it comes to lighting your home adequately, you need to follow one golden rule – layering. Layering is the art of installing the right type of light in the right area to create a functional space in a comfortable ambiance.

Layering is divided in two branches – task or functional lighting, which is the primary source of lighting and enables you to conduct chores, and mood lighting, which is the secondary source of lighting and enables you to create a comfortable environment indoors.

Although mood lighting is a secondary source of lighting, it is a significant fixture in your home as it adds value to your interior design and creates the kind of atmosphere you want. By adding the type of mood lighting to a specific area in your home, you can actually create the vibe you want! 

Now that we’ve discussed what mood lighting is, let’s see some of the top 6 mood lighting ideas you probably never knew about!

6 Mood Lighting Ideas For You


Intimate Lighting Experience

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When it comes to your own, private living space – a space you share with your partner – it is important create intimacy in a specific area such as your dining room or bedroom.  This is why, you need to choose the type of pendant light that is sophisticated, yet emits warm and romantic lighting. To set the right level of intimacy, you need to make sure that the lighting has a softness to it and adds just the right amount of warmth to your dinner table or in your bedroom. 

*Pro Tip: You can even install dimmers in the lights you have in your home. Dimmers allow you to control the intensity of the lighting in your home, enabling you to create a soft and intimate mood!


Therapeutic Mood Lighting

Credits: Renopedia 

Your living room is a space where you spent a big chunk of your day. Whether it is lounging on the couch being lazy, watching TV or hosting a little get together, you need to make sure that your living room has a relaxing and chill vibe to it. By complementing the functional recessed lighting in your living room with an added strip line light, you can create the perfect, relaxed mood in your home.

*Pro Tip: To convert your “relaxed” mood into therapeutic with a touch of serenity, make sure to add elements of nature in your space. This could include greenery, plant pots, a naturally-scented air freshener and an inlet for natural lighting!


Creative Mood Living Space

Credits: Renopedia 

Creativity is generated by a creative space – it needs the right interior space to bloom! This is why, you need to incorporate colors, charisma and creative lights in your living space to boost your creativity! What makes these lights perfect is their contemporary chic. Add a decorative piece of lighting that complements your furniture and walls to achieve the ultimate creativity in your space! A pop of color among pastels really notches up the liveliness of your living room.

*Pro Tip: By adding the linear, spotlight-inspire ceiling lights, you can add functionality to a creative and inspiring space, allowing you to create the ideal balance between the two!


Elevated Mood Lighting

Credits: Homereno Guru

Do you wish to create a living space with a tasteful tone and an elevated mood? Then incorporate features of minimalism, blended in with luxurious elements to create an elevated mood in your space. Make sure to choose a chandelier-styled light or a crystal-studded pendant lamp to create that empire state of mind. Nothing says “elevated” louder than crystals!

*Pro Tip: Since the pendant lamp or chandelier light you choose will create the elevated mood you seek, it is important to keep your furniture and decoration pieces to the absolute minimum. If you over-stuff the space, it will lose its elevated sense and tasteful tone!


Lofi Moody Light

Credits: Reddit 

Lo-fi mood lighting is the perfect choice of lighting for a chilling-spot. Add this light to a space that is dedicated to your post-work chill out sessions with your friends! This moody, dual shaded lighting strikes a club vibe, especially when the right type of music is played. Serve some cold drinks or other beverages, play some chill and relaxed beats, and kick it back with your friends! 

*Pro Tip: If you have a room or space dedicated to de-stressing and chilling out with your pals, then make sure the interior is minimal and messy – it creates the perfect vibe!

Warm and Cozy

Cozy Mood Lighting

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A warm and cozy mood in your living space can really put you in that relaxed, sulked-in-the-couch position. You can kick it back in a relaxed space with your favorite book and some coffee!

With a mood lighting such as this floor lamp, you can achieve the perfect level of coziness in your space. Add a leg rest and you’re good to lose yourself in the world of books!

*Pro Tip: A warm and cozy mood is the perfect vibe for your reading or study room so make sure to have the right type of mood lighting for this space!


With these top 6 mood lighting ideas , you can now create the perfect vibe in your living space. When redoing your interior, just keep the type of mood you want for a particular room and get the lights from Light Atelier that fit that vibe and energy!


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