Easter Egg Lego Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, and I love making the morning special for the kids with an Easter Egg Hunt. Each year, we come up with creative non candy Easter egg fillers. Last year, I came up with a new idea that proved to be a huge hit – Legos!

Easter Eggs Filled With Legos Instead Of Candy

The night before Easter, I opened the box of Legos and emptied all of the pieces into a bowl. Then I filled each of our plastic Easter eggs with a handful of pieces, dividing them up evenly between all of the eggs.

Most years we attend a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt at the park, and then we always do an indoor Easter egg hunt at home. Here’s a pro parenting tip – make yourself a quick cheat sheet that notes how many eggs you hid and lists their locations. It might seem obvious, but a few years we’ve been lazy and didn’t make notes for ourselves, and we’ve always ended up regretting it.

We hid the Easter eggs all around the main floor, and then we chose a different spot to hide the Lego instruction book, and created a scavenger hunt to lead the boys to the instructions.

Stay At Home Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

We always make the boys find all of the plastic eggs before they are allowed to start opening them.

Finding Easter Eggs Indoors

They could hear things rattling around inside, and they were so eager to find out!

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Hiding Spot

When they were finally able to open the eggs, they found all the Legos, along with a note inside one of the eggs that started the scavenger hunt.

Non Candy Easter Eggs Filled With Legos

Scott wrote riddles that led them to 4 or 5 different spots around the house in search of the Lego instructions. They were so eager to find out what they’d be able to build with their new Legos! Big brother read the clues and then they worked together to solve them.

Reading Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues

The final clue on the scavenger hunt had them searching their own bedroom.

Easter Scavenger Hunt Led The Boys Under Their Bunk Beds

We had tucked the Lego instruction booklets into the slats of the bed frame below the lower bunk bed mattress.

Easter Scavenger Hunt For Lego Instruction Booklets

The boys were so excited when they discovered that their new under the sea Legos (affiliate link) would allow them to build a shark, a crab, a SCUBA diver, and more. And they wasted no time getting started!

Building The Legos They Found In Their Easter Eggs

We’ve come up with a lot of non candy Easter Egg fillers over the years, but there’s no doubt that the Lego filled Easter Eggs were the biggest hit of all. In fact, they boys have already put their request in to the Easter Bunny for more Legos this year.

For less than $15, the 230 pieces of this Lego set were more plenty to fill the 24 or so plastic eggs that we hide each year for our indoor Easter egg hunt. In fact, it cost me less than I would have spent on candy or other little trinkets.

Easter Egg Lego Scavenger Hunt

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