12 Best Indoor Trees – Large Floor Plants for a Bold Statement

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When it comes to making a bold statement, not much can beat an indoor tree. While we’ll always love our small houseplants, mini herb gardens, and adorably tiny succulents, there’s something so unique and out of the ordinary about having a tree under your roof. Plants are figuratively and literally the breath of fresh air we need in our homes after a long day, and they happen to look really chic while doing it. 

7 Indoor Trees That Make a Huge Impact

Whether it’s in the form of painted terracotta planters or a trendy vertical garden, adding houseplants to your apartment or home has its benefits, too. Not only do they look amazing, but some can purify the air, others provide sustenance, and all infuse a space with nature—which is especially nice for city dwellers. Indoor trees can do the same, but on a much larger scale. The varieties of trees that can thrive inside are plentiful, and the billowy branches, bright fruits, and tall trunks basically act as statement pieces that fit into any type of space and work with any style preference.  

So, if you’ve already got your indoor vines and flowering plants on lock, take a peek at the indoor trees we’ve rounded up below to add some larger-than-life pizzazz to your place.

Fiddle leaf figs are needy and aren’t for the easily frustrated, but with a little extra TLC these beauties will thrive in your home.

Although not super common in the U.S., New Zealand laurels, or Karaka trees, can be grown indoors as well outside and serve as geometric accent pieces to any room they’re in.

A little less high maintenance than their fiddle leaf cousins, different variations of figs can serve as great indoor trees. And yes, you can get it to give you fruit, too!

For a hint of the tropics, there’s no better plant than a palm tree. But if you’re looking for something with a more unique profile, the fishtail palm will certainly suit your fancy.

The money tree doesn’t just have a unique and lovely shape—it’s also said to be good luck for finances. Adding one to your home might not give you money, but it certainly will bring you beauty.

Nothing can add an instant boost of Mediterranean-inspired style like an olive tree. These elegant and minimalist plants are impeccably chic and easy to maintain.

The eye-catching rubber plant isn’t too high maintenance and can both soften modern rooms and bring an air of sophistication to more casual spaces.

Those vibrant neon-colored flowers with the same name found on tropical islands actually come from this tree. Most birds of paradise don’t flower indoors, but if you’re lucky and take the right steps it just might.

These pretty trees almost look flower-like with their clusters of bright green leaves. They’re not picky plants and might even help filter the air. 

Clementines and Other Citrus Trees

This fantastic plant provides a burst of color and sweet fruits—what more could you ask from an indoor tree?

Like the fishtail palm, parlor palms are reminiscent of the tropics and provide a space with a burst of greenery that’s fairly easy to care for.

While you won’t find ears of corn sprouting from this indoor tree, you’ll love its pretty display of bright leaves (that look similar to corn stalks) and its geometric-shaped trunk.

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