25 Bold And Eye-Catchy Pattern Accent Walls

Bold And Eye Catchy Pattern Accent Walls Cover

An accent or statement wall is a great and easy idea to refresh any space, add an accent, color, pattern, texture and interest to it, to highlight the style and decor of the room. An accent wall can be different: done with stone, bricks, wood, paints and much more but today we’ll take a look at patterned accent walls that can be done with various materials and means, too: mostly with wallpaper, decals or wood pieces. Let’s begin!

Floral Pattern Accent Walls

Floral patterns are adorable! This is a timeless decor idea, whether you take realistic or usual ones, and there are many color combos that can fit any room. A floral accent wall is a popular idea for a bedroom, it can be also used in dining, living rooms and even home offices if it’s a girlish room.

A Dark Floral Realistic Accent Wall And Dark Refined Furniture For A Chic And Charming Space With A Vintage Feel

a dark floral realistic accent wall and dark refined furniture for a chic and charming space with a vintage feel

A Refined Bedroom With A Pink Floral Accent Wall And A Dark Floral Table Lamp That Echoes With It

a refined bedroom with a pink floral accent wall and a dark floral table lamp that echoes with it

A Refined Entryway With A Beautiful Realistic Floral Accent Wall Over The Staircase Looks Very Chic And Sophisticated

a refined entryway with a beautiful realistic floral accent wall over the staircase looks very chic and sophisticated

Add A Girlish Accent To This Nursery With Bold Floral Wallpaper And Support It With Bedding Or Furniture Covers

add a girlish accent to this nursery with bold floral wallpaper and support it with bedding or furniture covers

Colorful Botanical Floral Wallpaper To Bring An Airy Spring Feel To The Bedroom And Add Pattern To It

colorful botanical floral wallpaper to bring an airy spring feel to the bedroom and add pattern to it

Lovely Modern Floral Wallpaper To Highlight The Headboard Wall In A Neutral And Pastel Bedroom

lovely modern floral wallpaper to highlight the headboard wall in a neutral and pastel bedroom

Super Bright Turquoise And Gold Paetterned Wallpaper For Accenting A Bold Boho Bedroom

super bright turquoise and gold paetterned wallpaper for accenting a bold boho bedroom

Geometric Pattern Accent Walls

Geometric patterns are classics, they bring a slight mid-century modern feel and elegance making the space a bit more formal. There are colorful and monochromatic patterns, of smaller and larger scales, and they can fit literally any space – an entryway, a bathroom, a bedroom, a living room or some other. Geometric prints can be done with decals – just add some geometric ones to clear walls, and when you get tired of them – just remove them.

A Bold Bedroom Done With A Colorful Honeycomb Accent Wall Is A Bright And Cool Idea To Rock, It Will Add Both Color And Pattern

a bold bedroom done with a colorful honeycomb accent wall is a bright and cool idea to rock, it will add both color and pattern

A Colorful Geometric Accent Wall Done With Bright Triangles Is A Creative Idea For A Modern Dining Room

a colorful geometric accent wall done with bright triangles is a creative idea for a modern dining room

A Gorgeous Black And Gold Geometric Pattern Accent Wall Plus Black And Brass Pendant Lamps That Echo With It

a gorgeous black and gold geometric pattern accent wall plus black and brass pendant lamps that echo with it

A Modern Bedroom With A Geometric Print Accent Wall, Simple Furniture And Bold Posters Is A Bold Idea

a modern bedroom with a geometric print accent wall, simple furniture and bold posters is a bold idea

An Exquisite Modern Home Office Nook With A Bold Geometric Print Statement Wall, Catchy Furniture And Candle Lanterns

an exquisite modern home office nook with a bold geometric print statement wall, catchy furniture and candle lanterns

Geometric Flower Wallpaper Adds Dimension To This Bedroom And Makes The Neutral Space Look Bold And Very Cool

geometric flower wallpaper adds dimension to this bedroom and makes the neutral space look bold and very cool

Linear Wallpaper Accentuates This Home Tiny Modern And Very Refined Home Office Nook And Makes It More Chic

linear wallpaper accentuates this home tiny modern and very refined home office nook and makes it more chic

Monochromatic Geometric Self-Adhesive Wallpaper Is A Great Idea For A Modern Workspace, To Make It Bolder And Statement-Like

monochromatic geometric self-adhesive wallpaper is a great idea for a modern workspace, to make it bolder and statement-like

Monochrome Geometric Wallpaper In The Entryway For An Eye-Catching Touch And A Pattern Touch In The Space

monochrome geometric wallpaper in the entryway for an eye-catching touch and a pattern touch in the space

Other Pattern Accent Walls

What other patterns can you use? Literally any patterns that come to your mind! Animal prints like zebra or Dolmatin, small or large scale terrazzo accent walls, scallops, various fantasy and abstract patterns that will fit a bold boho or mid-century modern space. Rock various colors, sizes, looks for your rooms and make your home bolder easier rocking a patterned accent wall!

A Boho Entryway With A Monochromatic Accent Wall With Stripes Is A Bright And Fun Idea For A Modern Space

a boho entryway with a monochromatic accent wall with stripes is a bright and fun idea for a modern space

A Creative Statement Wall Done With Plywood Scallops Is A Very Bold And Unique Idea For Your Bedroom

a creative statement wall done with plywood scallops is a very bold and unique idea for your bedroom

A Modern And Airy Living Room With A Bold Terrazzo Accent Wall That Brings A Fun And Colorful Touch To The Space

a modern and airy living room with a bold terrazzo accent wall that brings a fun and colorful touch to the space

A Pretty Modern Bedroom With A Terrazzo Pattern Accent Wall, Brass Lamps And A Dark Stained Chair

a pretty modern bedroom with a terrazzo pattern accent wall, brass lamps and a dark stained chair

A Reading Nook Highlighted With Geometric Wallpaper That Highlights The Mid-Century Modern Decor Of The Room

a reading nook highlighted with geometric wallpaper that highlights the mid-century modern decor of the room

Animal-Printed Wallpaper Accentuates A Small Home Office Nook And Brings Pattern And A Fun Touch To The Space

animal-printed wallpaper accentuates a small home office nook and brings pattern and a fun touch to the space

Bold Yellow And White Printed Retro Sixties' Wallpaper Accentuates A Breakfast Nook And Brings Color And Pattern Here

bold yellow and white printed retro sixties’ wallpaper accentuates a breakfast nook and brings color and pattern here

Monochrome Wallpaper To Accentuate The Boho And Rustic Entryway Area And Bring A Pattern Touch To The Space

monochrome wallpaper to accentuate the boho and rustic entryway area and bring a pattern touch to the space

Refined Bold Blue And White Printed Wallpaper And A Gallery Wall On It Plus A Printed Lamp For A Bright And Eye-Catchy Nook

refined bold blue and white printed wallpaper and a gallery wall on it plus a printed lamp for a bright and eye-catchy nook

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