Farrow & Ball Paint Colors

I’m refreshing a few rooms in my house and am taking a look at paint colors. Some I have had samples of in the past but not used, a few I have used in the past and may reuse. So as I am going through and organizing ideas again, I thought I would share some of the pretty Farrow & Ball paint colors that I’m looking at:


Farrow and Ball describes Dimpse as a cool and delicate grey. With its subtle blue undertones it’s a happy gray, kind of reminds me of greys you would see in France.

Dimpse - Farrow And Ball
Herringbone Marble Shower Farrow And Ball 'Dimpse' Walls
Dimpse on the walls
Farrow And Ball Colours  Cabinets In Dimpse, Island In Pigeon
Farrow and Ball colours Cabinets in Dimpse, island in Pigeon

Farrow & Ball’s coolest white, with the slightest hint of grey, was historically made with the addition of lamp black pigment gathered from the smoke of burning oil lamps. Blackened sits perfectly with each of our Architectural Neutrals for a minimal look or stronger industrial feel. It’s particularly spectacular when used in Full Gloss within stainless steel kitchens, or when paired with All White for an uncompromisingly modern finish.

Minimalist Living Room With Samsung Frame Tv Disguised As Artwork - Farrow &Amp; Ball Blackened Walls, Grey Sofa, Berber Rug - Victorian Renovation Project - London Renovation Project - Victorian Fireplace Restoration
Farrow & Ball Blackened walls
Farrow &Amp; Ball - Blackened. Our Coolest White, With The Slightest Hint Of Grey, Sits Perfectly With Each Of Our Architectural Neutrals For A Minimal Look.
Farrow & Ball – Blackened. Their coolest white, with the slightest hint of grey
Farrow And Ball Blackened
Farrow and Ball blackened
Paint: Farrow &Amp; Ball Blackened #Interiordesign
Paint: Farrow & Ball Blackened

Pavillion Blue

Farrow &Amp; Ball Paint Colors
Bedroom with walls painted in Pavilion Blue No.252 
Farrow And Ball Pavilion Blue 252. Farrow And Ball Pavilion Blue 252. Farrow And Ball Pavilion Blue 252. Farrow And Ball Pavilion Blue 252 #Farrowandballpavilionblue Carolyn Thayer Interiors
Farrow and Ball Pavilion Blue 252.
Carolyn Thayer interiors.
This Beautiful Parisian Interior Features Farrow &Amp; Ball Pavillion Blue Paint.   Interior Architects : Les Filles D'Intérieur Photographer : David Japy
This beautiful Parisian interior features Farrow & Ball Pavillion Blue paint. Interior Architects : Les Filles d’Intérieur Photographer : David Japy


It’s their most popular shade of aqua which is a lighter version of an archived Farrow & Ball colour, Powder Blue. Pale Powder has an unparalleled softness and in north facing rooms can read almost as a delicate grey, but it is rarely cold due to the addition of green pigment. It is a great favourite for use in pretty attic bedrooms where it can be brushed onto both ceiling and walls to create an airy feeling of light and space. 

Farrow &Amp; Ball Pale Powder No.204
Wall Painted In Pale Powder Estate Emulsion, Chair Painted In Oval Room Blue Full Gloss, Both From Farrow &Amp; Ball.
Wall Color Is Farrow And Ball
Farrow & Ball Pale Powder via Lebey Interiors
Blue And Gray Bedrooms, Transitional, Bedroom, Farrow And Ball Pale Powder, Lebey Ltd Interiors
Blue and Gray Bedrooms, Transitional, bedroom, Farrow and Ball Pale Powder, Lebey LTD Interiors

Borrowed Light

Evoking the colour of summer skies, Borrowed Light is a wonderfully pale blue named after the delicate light that cascades through small windows and fanlights. It works as well in a room deprived of light as it does in an airy sunroom. This soft and classic tone is perfectly suited to children’s bedrooms.

Farrow &Amp; Ball Borrowed Light No.235
Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light
Hallway Painted In Farrow &Amp; Ball Borrowed Light.
Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light
Kitchen Painted In Farrow &Amp; Ball Borrowed Light.
Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light
Farrow &Amp; Ball Paint Colors
Artist Hayley Sarno gives her New York apartment a must-see redo. Living room walls in Borrowed Light.
Farrow &Amp; Ball Paint Colors
Borrowed Light on the Ceiling of Gray Malin’s Porch
Farrow &Amp; Ball Paint Colors
Borrowed Light on the Ceiling
If You'Ve Been Following Along, Then You Already Know, Gray Moved Into A New House...and Today, He'S Inviting Us All To Join Him For His First Reveal. Let'S Go!
Walls In Farrow &Amp; Ball’s Borrowed Light Set A Restful Tone In The Girls’ Room, With Hints Of Lively Color Added Mainly Through Sweet Accessories. “I Wanted To Create A Space That Was Peaceful And Beautiful For My Daughters And Really Not Too Childish—Because I Knew That Once The Toys Started To Fill The Room That The Kiddie Aspect Would Take Care Of Itself.” Another Goal For The Space: Practicality. Scotchgard Protects The Light-Colored Wool Rug From Spills, And Durable Outdoor Upholstery Ensure
Walls in Farrow & Ball’s Borrowed Light set a restful tone in the girls’ room, with hints of lively color added mainly through sweet accessories. CeCe Barfield Thompson
Farrow &Amp; Ball Borrowed Light 235 &Quot;Blue Is Not Only For Boys. I Use It All The Time Because It'S So Versatile. It Works With Almost Any Color — Coral, Pink, Green, Chartreuse, Yellow. My Teenage Daughter'S Bedroom Is This Pale Blue That Reminds Me Of The Slightly Dusty, More Aged Blues Used Back In The 1940S. I Did It With This Wonderful Bright Red Sister Parish Fabric, And It Should Take Her Right Through College,&Quot;
Ricky Strauss
Film executive Ricky Strauss in front of one of the custom built-ins in his bedroom, which are painted in Farrow & Ball Borrowed Light.
Ricky Strauss Master Bedroom


This pale blue grey takes its name from the soft natural light that often pours through ceiling skylights. However, it is less reflective than Borrowed Light, reading as a definite cool blue when used in small spaces but becoming paler and greyer when used in larger areas. 

Farrow And Ball Paint Colors. Farrow And Ball Skylight #205. #Farrow&Amp;Ball #Skylight #205  #Farrowandballpaintcolors.  Brooke Wagner Design
Farrow and Ball Paint Colors. Farrow and Ball Skylight #205. #Farrow&Ball #Skylight #205 #FarrowandBallPaintColors. Brooke Wagner Design
Farrow & Ball Skylight
Farrow & Ball Skylight
Paint Color Pick: Skylight By Farrow &Amp; Ball - House &Amp; Home
Farrow & Ball Skylight
Farrow &Amp; Ball Skylight 205 - Interiors By Color (1 Interior ...
Farrow & Ball Skylight
Decorative Paint - Skylight - Farrow &Amp; Ball - For Walls / For ...
Farrow & Ball Skylight

Parma Gray

Reading as a cool blue, Parma Gray is another colour attributed to the great colourist John Fowler. Used as the backdrop to numerous costume dramas, it creates the perfect period feel when contrasted with Wimborne White. Though its cool nature can feel quite formal when contrasted with a bright white, it is a firm favourite for those who prefer a clean and crisp finish. 

Julia Engel Of Gal Meets Glam Shares Her Beautiful House With Us ...
Julia Engels kitchen, Parma Gray
White And Gray Kitchen With Basket Chandeliers - Cottage - Kitchen ...
Farrow &Amp; Ball Parma Gray Archives - Stylecarrot

Cabbage White

A subtle white with the slightest hint of blue, Cabbage White takes its name from the most delicate of butterflies. This palest of blues is perfect for rooms that go up into the eaves where you want to use just one colour on both walls and ceiling. 

Farrow And Ball Cabbage White / Still Provides A Dose Of Color But Doesn'T Overpower The Room
Farrow &Amp; Ball Cabbage White
 The Walls Of This Bedroom Are In Farrow &Amp; Ball'S Cabbage White No 269. A Pale Sea Foam Green Color. Looks Beautiful With The Crips White Mill Work. Very Much Beach House Without Being So Themy, And Timeless. I Am Thinking The Queen Room Should Be In This Color.
Farrow &Amp; Ball Paint Colors

That’s all for this evening! Post your comments below on which colors you like from this post, or if you have used any of them before!

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