Colors that Go With Green – Decorating With Green

Want to go green with your home decor but not sure where to start? You’re not alone. That’s because green, considered a cool tone, is so versatile, it can basically be put anywhere. Sometimes having all the options can make it hard to decide, but the good news is you can’t really go wrong with green.

“Green is such a crowd pleaser and has endless connotations,” says designer Caitlin Murray, founder and creative director of Black Lacquer Design. “It can represent vitality and energy, feel super clean and fresh, or read as completely bold and dramatic.”

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can pair green with any number of shades to achieve your desired effect. From peppy pink and mint pairings to opulent gold and emerald combos, read on for the top ten color pairings you’re going to want to try with green.

1. Gold and Green: Effortless Glam 

The green and gold combo in this Beverly Hills bathroom is a true winner. A banana leaf-patterned wallpaper takes center stage, while gold accents like the faucet and mirror, which Murray says add a regal touch, are the perfect companion to this luxe look. Mustards will also play well with green tones, if you prefer a slightly more natural, muted look but still want to riff on this combo.

2. Mint and Dark Green: Must-Have Monochrome 

Mint green is considered a tranquil color, so when it comes to bedroom design, this shade is a no-brainer. “I’m a fan of pairing green with blue or other shades of green like mint and kelly green,” says designer Michelle Lisac. “As a soothing and restful color, it creates a calming and restorative atmosphere.” Still not convinced? Check out this Madrid bedroom that incorporates various shades of green throughout its wallpaper and bedding. The look is fresh, fun, and anything but jarring.

3. Coral and Olive: Pop of Color

In this Los Angeles apartment, a green and coral color combo are proof that opposites do, in fact, attract. The warm, vibrant shade of coral on the walls is the true focal point of the room, while an olive green headboard creates visual interest with its stark contrast.

4. Brown and Hunter Green: Down to Earth 

Shades of brown and green are found together out in nature, so it’s no surprise they work well together in interiors, too. “Pairing earthy greens with neutral earth tones such as tans or browns is great for more organic and modern spaces,” says Alessandra Wood, vice president of style at online decorating brand, Modsy. Try balancing out this combo with other light and airy shades, like blush or white, to prevent the space from looking too heavy. That’s what these Canadian homeowners did in this dining area above.

5. Bubble Gum Pink and Mint: Vintage Vibes 

Pink and green may not be the most popular kitchen shades these days, but this London home might just make you consider this retro combo. Various green hues in the wallpaper, backsplash tiles, and cabinetry set a fresh tone for the space, while pink furniture, island tiles, and decorative elements add an unexpected, sweet burst of color. The gold furniture and hardware add a final layer of sparkle and shine.

 5. Lavender and Kelly Green: Vibrant Energy 

This Los Angeles apartment is an explosion of color in the best way possible, and green plays a major role here. According to Murray, using contrasting colors, like lavender with kelly green, for example, always works because you are paring something warm with something cooler. If a fully saturated look this one isn’t your style, try creating the combo on a smaller scale with decorative pieces like throw pillows, vases, or rugs. 

6. White and Green: Calming Influence

Kitchens are the heart of the home, so you’ll want yours to be warm and inviting. That’s why designer Liza Kuhn of Liza Kuhn Interiors recommends combining green with neutral hues like white, cream, and tan, as seen in this Seattle home. “Green is a wonderful color to bring in to the home, as its intrinsic quietness and connection to nature incites calm in us all,” she explained. “In terms of color, green pairs beautifully with warm whites and mushroomy taupes, as it accentuates the warmth characteristic of the hue.” 

7. Olive Green and White: Zen Oasis 

This Louisiana apartment makes the case for a green and white bathroom. An olive vanity, which was created out of a painted chest of drawers, anchors the space, while white walls and fixtures create a soft, soothing backdrop. 

8. Emerald, Blush, and Black: Muted Maximalism

If you like a maximalist aesthetic, then take a more is more approach with key jewel tones like emerald and blush. The key to working different shades of the same hue is varying textures. You’ll notice green velvet and painted brick—punctuated by metal and rattan accents—in the New Orleans cottage above. That contrast keeps the look dynamic but far from going over the top.

9. Green and Blue: Naturally Stylish 

Want to be one with nature but in the comfort of your own home? This Michigan bedroom has you covered. “There is a reason why Mother Nature loves green—it goes with everything,” says designer Maryline Damour of Kingston Design Connection. “Green’s classic companion is blue, as nature ably shows us.” If you’re unsure about working green into your design scheme, try smaller elements like a headboard first to test the waters before committing to a paint project or a sofa. 

10. Sage Green and Red: Earth & Fire

Green walls may not be your go-to, but according to Holly Freres, principal at JHL Design, the “grounding” color is perfect for just that. Take this San Francisco office, for example, where a soft sage-y green teams up with an unlikely accent color: red. This combo could go “holiday” fast, but with the right, subtle shade of green, a red bookshelf, waste basket, and desk accessories all make for lively, eye-catching additions. The gray desk also helps balance out the scheme a little bit.

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