Valbæk Brørup Architects Constructs House With Curved Metal Roof in Denmark

Valbæk Brørup Architects, a Copenhagen-based design studio that specializes in homes and commercial buildings, has built a summer residence in Denmark with an impressive curved, metal roof—and the result will give you major ceiling envy. The house is surrounded by a tranquil forest, and it has a warm wood interior (and exterior) with a metal roof that gives it a tube-like appearance. The summer home is located in the Nykøbing Sjælland town of Denmark, which is not too far from the seashore of Kattegat, the strait that forms part of the connection between the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

Large windows and a big open loft space allow natural sunlight to stream into the cozy abode. With an interior made of pine to emulate that cabin feel, the home has three bedrooms, one bathroom, and outdoor bathing facilities that are just about perfect for those warm, summer days. Inside the house, there are also prominent steel arches. As for the kitchen, it has dark, royal blue cabinets and white countertops. There’s also a smaller loft space upstairs, accessible via ladder. Of course, the biggest feature is the vaulted, curved steel roof that makes for heightened, open-air ceilings. The entire house is about 979 square feet. 

With its forest surroundings and dreamy heightened ceilings, the home looks like the ideal place to be quarantined as the coronavirus pandemic continues to rage on. Try to envision it now: a day spent tie-dying clothes, whipping up quarantine recipes, and streaming the new season of “Selling Sunset” as the sunshine streams through the extravagantly large windows. Or, perhaps even a day spent outside of the house, gardening and bonding with the dog.

Ah, to be quarantined in a summer home in Denmark with a roof shaped like a tube, rather than a tiny apartment with too-loud neighbors. 

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