The Most Popular Room at Home Pre-Pandemic and During

Ah, pre-pandemic days. Remember when you could avoid your family by curling up on the couch at the local coffee shop, or hole up in a friend’s apartment for gossip and Netflix binges? Times have changed, and the way everyone hangs out is seriously different than ever before—including the rooms that are preferred to spend time in.

Back in July of 2019, financial services company Ally Home asked more than 2,000 Americans to name their favorite room at home. Thirty-two percent voted family room because it was where they spent quality time with loved ones. Fast forward to summer 2020, Ally Home decided to ask the same question and, as they expected, got a totally different answer—with family room dropping in popularity and master bedroom taking the lead.

In the 2020 survey, less than 14 percent of survey respondents said the family room is their favorite spot in the house, which is almost a 20 percent drop from last year. Instead, the most popular response from Americans (more than 27 percent) was the master bedroom. Perhaps it’s because respondents are eager to relax, catch up on some desperately-needed sleep, or just feel cozy and get some privacy during what’s been an unfathomably stressful time.

While the family room did drop in popularity, it still scored second place, followed by 10 percent of the population voting for kitchen. The master bath scored 9 percent because, come on, locking the bathroom door and curling up in the tub with a good book sounds like a dream. Finally, the last spot went to the “man or woman cave” with 7 percent of the vote.

Seeing as most people won’t be boarding a plane for a vacation anytime soon, all this time spent at home is making Americans wonder how they can improve their space. In fact, 88 percent of respondents reported that they’re considering improvements to make their homes more staycation-ready. 38 percent of respondents are considering installing an in-ground or above-ground pool or spa. Meanwhile, 35 percent are considering building an outdoor athletic court for sports like tennis or basketball, and 29 percent are thinking about improving their porch, deck, or patio.

But hey, if the project doesn’t get done, here’s a good next move: hang out in the bedroom and get cozy.

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