Four Hospitality Personality Types ~ Which One Are You?

The following is a guest post about the four hospitality personality types from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me.

Does the thought of hosting a dinner send you into spasms of delight or spirals of dismay? Do you love opening your home to others? Or do you dread even the planning it takes to get a group of friends to arrive at the same restaurant at the same time?

And, in these times of needing to social distance, are you finding it more challenging to know how, when, or where you can even extend hospitality? I get it. These are unique times. But what I love seeing is how creative people are at finding ways to still connect. From dance party Zoom calls, to book club meetings in the park, to drive-by birthday parades, people are showing up for each other because community matters!

When I was writing my new book, Your Hospitality Personality, I wasn’t very familiar with the terms social distancing or staying at home. (And if someone had told me what 2020 was going to bring, I don’t know that I would have believed them!) Our new reality presents new obstacles, especially when it comes to hospitality.

Four Hospitality Personality Types ~ Which One Are You? At I'M An Organizing Junkie Blog

Your Hospitality

Hospitality is not limited to dinner parties. Hospitality is looking for ways to extend love everywhere. Maybe it looks like leaving a generous tip or being patient with a customer service representative. Perhaps it’s picking up groceries for your neighbor, or letting someone go in front of you in traffic. Hospitality is looking outwardly rather than inwardly. Offering kindness and loving well.

However, hospitality (the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers) can feel vulnerable and overwhelming. Often it feels like one more thing that you have to try and “fit in”. And now with the added limitations of needing to distance from each other, it can feel even more challenging!

Well, I’m here to provide you with some encouragement. In my new book, I show you how to identify and embrace your hospitality personality so you can stop worrying and start enjoying yourself and your guests. I help you to understand your hospitality habits, hurdles, and hang-ups (because we all have them), and offer real-life solutions that fit you. We each have our own unique hospitality personality. And when you tap into yours, you’ll find a lot more blessing with a lot less stressing.

Be A Pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear A Crown And Be Sweet On The Inside

Your Personality

There are four hospitality personality types (you can take the quiz HERE to find out yours).

Leader “The Director” If you ask a Leader to host, they will promptly start delegating and doing!

Entertainer “The Socializer” If you ask an Entertainer to host, they will be thrilled, tell everyone about the event, and then wait to prepare everything at the last minute. (And yes, still manage to pull it off!)

Includer “The Supporter” If you ask an Includer to host, they will quickly say yes, then might consider why they said yes, and then effortlessly rise to the occasion and pull off a fabulous event. 

Organizer “The Planner” If you ask an Organizer to host, they will check their schedule, graciously (or maybe a little reluctantly) agree, and then immediately get to work with the planning and coordinating.

During these times (and maybe now more than ever) we need connection! And even if that means being more creative with how, when, and where. The beautiful part of hospitality is that you can make it work for you! You just have your own style and way of hosting. When you recognize this it will help set you up for better hosting success.

Embrace your hospitality personality to better embrace those in your life. Even if it’s mostly via technology or from a distance, for now.

Find more information about my new book HERE. If you order a copy don’t forget to claim your bonus gifts (available until 8.28).

Happy Hosting!

Four Hospitality Personality Types ~ Which One Are You?

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