After the “After”: How Two DIYs Look Years Later

Now that we’re spending more time at home, you’ve probably noticed some spaces where a little home improvement could go a long way. We’re here to tell you that DIY projects are always worth it. Don’t let the impossibly perfect “afters” you see on Instagram and Pinterest scare you away — DIYs are a lot more doable than you might think! You’re not just doing it yourself; you’re doing it for yourself, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of redoing your space and improving your organization for years to come.

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Everyone loves a great before and after, but after watching an episode of Fixer Upper or scrolling through your Insta feed, have you ever wondered how all those “afters” really work out in the long run? In the spirit of #DIFY and doing it for yourself, we followed up on two of our favorite DIY home projects to see how their impressive makeovers created the perfect spaces in their homes.

You might recognize Natalie Ensor’s beautiful bathroom makeover and Lauren Shaver’s whimsical playroom transformation from our Instagram Stories. Both were ambitious #friDIY projects that culminated in amazing results and show just how worth it a DIY can be. Their “afters” added daily value in the short-term and (especially in Natalie’s case) a return on investment in the long-term. Here’s what their spaces look like now.

Natalie’s Total Bathroom Renovation

There are two types of DIY projects: those that involve knocking down walls, and those that don’t. Natalie’s bathroom makeover falls into the former category, which could sound a little scary for any first-time DIYer, but she made it happen!

To create their dreamy master bathroom suite, Natalie extended one wall to expand the space and bring in natural light from a window that was previously part of the master bedroom. She also knocked down a bathroom closet to make room for a claw-foot tub. The new layout definitely exceeded expectations.

Natalie’s biggest surprise after completing her master bathroom renovation is that it instantly became a space the whole family could enjoy. “During quarantine, this space became a retreat for our entire family at different times and for different reasons,” she says. “A private haven within the home.”

This DIY makeover also proved to be a valuable asset when it was time to move homes. While Natalie had a hard time saying goodbye to that beautiful bathroom, it turned out to be a big selling point for the new homeowners. And we’re guessing they’re enjoying it just as much as she did!

Lauren’s DIY Playroom Makeover

It’s been two and a half years since Lauren and her husband redid their playroom space, and it’s had a lot of love since then! They were originally working with an outdated 1960s living room (a newer, additional living room had recently been added to the house) and wanted to transform it into a functional, organized, and inspiring play space for their daughter and a new little one on the way.

The playroom turned out to be everything they’d hoped for and more. Now, two years later, the only thing that’s really changed is the table, which has a lot more crayon marks on it now. The incredible Narnia-inspired reading nook they created from an old wardrobe is still a favorite spot for the kids, and the bins they set up for storage have proven to be a fun way to get everyone involved in cleaning up.

Lauren says it’s been “absolutely worth every second of doing all these projects to pull together the space.” Clearly, this playroom DIY was a win!

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