25 Ways To Style A Non-Working Fireplace

Ways To Style A Non Working Fireplace Cover

Have a non-working fireplace? No problem, you can still use it and make the best of it! We’ve gathered some creative ways to use it, take a look and get inspired!


Logs are perhaps the most popular idea for a non-working fireplace, they bring a rustic and very cozy feel to your space. The logs can be natural or faux, painted, stained or not – it depends on the style of your space and fireplace, too. Can’t fill your fireplace with logs? Make a log screen and voila!

A Fireplace Clad With Black Matte Tiles, With Funny Faux Logs, Topiaries On Both Sides And Some Pebbles

a fireplace clad with black matte tiles, with funny faux logs, topiaries on both sides and some pebbles

A Farmhouse Fireplace With A Whitewashed Brick Surround, A Stained Wooden Mantel And With Firewood Inside It

a farmhouse fireplace with a whitewashed brick surround, a stained wooden mantel and with firewood inside it

A Black Faux Fireplace With A Refined Mantel, A Basket With Wooden Logs Is A Stylish Rustic Idea To Go For

a black faux fireplace with a refined mantel, a basket with wooden logs is a stylish rustic idea to go for

A Rustic Fireplace Of Red Brick, With A White Mantel And Some Firewood Inside The Fireplace Plus Photos On The Mantel

a rustic fireplace of red brick, with a white mantel and some firewood inside the fireplace plus photos on the mantel

A Rustic Fireplace With A Wooden Surround, A White Mantel And Colorful Logs Inside Is A Very Whimsical And Cool Idea

a rustic fireplace with a wooden surround, a white mantel and colorful logs inside is a very whimsical and cool idea

A Stylish White Non-Working Fireplace With Very Natural Firewood Inside Is A Chic Idea With A Rustic Feel

a stylish white non-working fireplace with very natural firewood inside is a chic idea with a rustic feel

A Vintage And Refined Fireplace With A White Mantel And Firewood Inside Plus A Planter With Greenery And Blooms For A Chic Space

a vintage and refined fireplace with a white mantel and firewood inside plus a planter with greenery and blooms for a chic space

A Rustic Fireplace Clad With White Faux Fur, A Faux Mantel And With Logs Inside For A Modern Farmhouse Living Room

a rustic fireplace clad with white faux fur, a faux mantel and with logs inside for a modern farmhouse living room


Plants can be placed inside your non-working fireplace, who needs a stand when you can put your plants into a fireplace? Create a beautiful arrangement of plants in various planters and put it inside a fireplace, enjoy the beautiful look you got! You may also put some on the mantel, too, and make it your own little oasis.

A Coastal Fireplace With A Black And White Surround, A Stained Mantel, A Basket, Boxes And Potted Greenery

a coastal fireplace with a black and white surround, a stained mantel, a basket, boxes and potted greenery

A Fireplace With A White Mantel And A Black Surround, Potted Succulents Inside It And On The Mantel

a fireplace with a white mantel and a black surround, potted succulents inside it and on the mantel

A Non-Working Brick Fireplace With A White Surround And Mantel Plus Cacti And Succulents In Pots Inside It Is Wow

a non-working brick fireplace with a white surround and mantel plus cacti and succulents in pots inside it is wow

A Non-Working Fireplace With Potted Ferns, Candle Lanterns, Lights And Gold Candle Lanterns And Decor On The Mantel

a non-working fireplace with potted ferns, candle lanterns, lights and gold candle lanterns and decor on the mantel

A White Non-Working Fireplace With A Chic Surround And Potted Greenery And Cacti Inside It And On The Mantel

a white non-working fireplace with a chic surround and potted greenery and cacti inside it and on the mantel


Use your non-working fireplace for storage! Placing vintage books inside it is the most popular idea, they will bring a vintage feel to the space. Vintage suitcases, pillows, blankets in baskets many other pieces can be put inside your fireplace and you may even make some shelves if you need them.

A Faux Fireplace With A Peachy Inside, Books And Candles And Stockings And A Wreath For Christmas

a faux fireplace with a peachy inside, books and candles and stockings and a wreath for Christmas

A White Brick Fireplace With Baskets With Pillows And Throws, White Faux Fur For A Cozy Farmhouse Space

a white brick fireplace with baskets with pillows and throws, white faux fur for a cozy farmhouse space

A Vintage Fireplace With Vintage Suitcases, Picture Frames, A Cloche With Greenery And Candles On The Mantel

a vintage fireplace with vintage suitcases, picture frames, a cloche with greenery and candles on the mantel

A Shabby Cihc Fireplace With Books And A Bold Artwork Looks Statement-Like And Bold, A Suitcase In Front Of It Adds Vintage Charm

a shabby cihc fireplace with books and a bold artwork looks statement-like and bold, a suitcase in front of it adds vintage charm

A Shabby Chic Fireplace Clad With A Refined Old Picture Frame And With Lots Of Books Inside Is A Refined And Bold Idea

a shabby chic fireplace clad with a refined old picture frame and with lots of books inside is a refined and bold idea

Other Ideas

Make a cool dog bed inside your fireplace, they will take no floor space and will still have a comfy spot to look around. A beautiful decorative screen can be another great idea, choose one to cover your fireplace and make it look beautiful. Go for LED lights if you want to imitate fire and enjoy the look!

A Chic Fireplace With A Tile Surround And A Dark Stained Mantel Plus A Sophisticated And Chic Metal Screen Over It

a chic fireplace with a tile surround and a dark stained mantel plus a sophisticated and chic metal screen over it

A Non-Working Fireplace Styled For Christmas With Some Stockings Hanging Over It And With Lights Lanterns Inside It

a non-working fireplace styled for Christmas with some stockings hanging over it and with lights lanterns inside it

A Non-Working Fireplace With White Brick And A Furry Bed For Two Dogs Inside It, With Pillows

a non-working fireplace with white brick and a furry bed for two dogs inside it, with pillows

A Refined Black, White And Gold Fireplace With A Beautiful And Refined Cover And A Gorgeous Vintage Mirror Over It

a refined black, white and gold fireplace with a beautiful and refined cover and a gorgeous vintage mirror over it

A Refined Vintage Fireplace With A Dog Bed Inside And Some Bows Next To It Is A Very Stylish And Chic Idea To Rock

a refined vintage fireplace with a dog bed inside and some bows next to it is a very stylish and chic idea to rock

A White Faux Brick Fireplace With A Cozy Fuzzy Dog Bed Inside It Is A Great Way To Use A Non-Working Fireplace

a white faux brick fireplace with a cozy fuzzy dog bed inside it is a great way to use a non-working fireplace

A Winter Non-Working Fireplace With Lights Inside It, Snowy Fir Garland, Candles And A Mirror Over The Mantel

a winter non-working fireplace with lights inside it, snowy fir garland, candles and a mirror over the mantel

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