25 Jaw-Dropping Colorful Fireplace Designs

Jaw Dropping Colorful Fireplace Designs Cover

If you are a color addict, I have an idea to add it to your space in a very unexpected and new way – to the fireplace! This is a very unusual option that won’t leave anyone indifferent and will accent your room in a very creative way. Such a fireplace is always a conversation starter with a wow factor and it will be your fresh take on that traditional decor that is sometimes boring and tiring.

Colorful Fireplaces

A fireplace can be clad with super bold tiles that will create a mood; they can be of a solid color or with some prints and highlight your room decor and style. Rock geometric tiles, Moroccan pattern tiles or clad them in a cool way to make your fireplace a super bold feature. You may add a neutral surround or mantel for a contrasting look or crown it all with a bright or pastel mantel depending on the effect you want to produce.

If you have a brick fireplace, you can easily turn it into a super bright and bold decor feature painting bright. Pink, green, blue, red, yellow, orange and other colors are welcome, and the final look will be super unusual: a traditional brick fireplace given a modern look with a bold color is wow. Spruce up your traditional farmhouse or rustic space with an unexpected shade to catch all the eyes.

A Blush Brick Fireplace Filled With Colorful Balloons And With Potted Plants All Around Is A Very Cheerful And Fun Idea

a blush brick fireplace filled with colorful balloons and with potted plants all around is a very cheerful and fun idea

A Built-In Fireplace Surrounded With Blue Printed Tiles And Navy Ones Looks Ultimately Chic And Very Elegant

a built-in fireplace surrounded with blue printed tiles and navy ones looks ultimately chic and very elegant

A Cheerful Fireplace With Hex Striped Tiles Around And A Pink Mantel Plus Quirky Art Looks Very Unusual And Whimsical

a cheerful fireplace with hex striped tiles around and a pink mantel plus quirky art looks very unusual and whimsical

A Chic And Cozy Nook With A Fireplace Clad With Glossy Blue Tiles And Purple Chairs Is A Bold Space Decorated With Impeccable Taste

a chic and cozy nook with a fireplace clad with glossy blue tiles and purple chairs is a bold space decorated with impeccable taste

A Fantastic Teal Brick Fireplace Spruces Up A Monochromatic Room Making It Bolder And Catchier And Adds Color To It

a fantastic teal brick fireplace spruces up a monochromatic room making it bolder and catchier and adds color to it

A Fireplace Clad With Green Glazed Tiles And Mid-Century Modern Red Chairs That Infuse The Space With Color And Make It Cozy And Welcoming

a fireplace clad with green glazed tiles and mid-century modern red chairs that infuse the space with color and make it cozy and welcoming

A Fireplace Surrounded With Bright Blue Tiles, With An Elegant White Mantel And Some Coastal Art On It Is Ideal For A Seaside Home

a fireplace surrounded with bright blue tiles, with an elegant white mantel and some coastal art on it is ideal for a seaside home

A Fireplace With A Green Brick Surround Brings Color To This Neutral Space And Makes It Catchier And More Interesting

a fireplace with a green brick surround brings color to this neutral space and makes it catchier and more interesting

A Minimalist Fireplace With Yellow Tiles Inside And Out Brings A Warm Feeling To The Space And Adds A Bright Splash Of Color

a minimalist fireplace with yellow tiles inside and out brings a warm feeling to the space and adds a bright splash of color

A Moody Living Room With A Hot Pink Brick Fireplace That Brings Much Color And Makes The Space Playful

a moody living room with a hot pink brick fireplace that brings much color and makes the space playful

A Sunny Yellow Fireplace And Mantel With Some Artworks And A Plant Next To It Create A Sunny And Shiny Mood In The Room

a sunny yellow fireplace and mantel with some artworks and a plant next to it create a sunny and shiny mood in the room

Electric Blue Chairs, A Bright Blue Printed Rug, A Bold Blue Tile Fireplace And A Colorful Artwork Create Color Galore That Will Raise Your Mood

electric blue chairs, a bright blue printed rug, a bold blue tile fireplace and a colorful artwork create color galore that will raise your mood

Mustard Tiles Inside The Fireplace And A Neutral Surround Create A Bold Contrast That Strikes And Makes The Space Catchier

mustard tiles inside the fireplace and a neutral surround create a bold contrast that strikes and makes the space catchier

Colorful Mantels/ Surrounds

A colorful mantel or fireplace surround is perhaps the easiest and the most popular idea to apply to your fireplace – it won’t take much effort or time, it can be changed rather easily. Pair your bold surround with bright tiles or brick, fill the fireplace with colorful balloons or firewood to make the look more eye-catching.

A Non-Working Mint Blue Brick Fireplace Finishes Off The Playroom Making It Cozier And More Welcoming

a non-working mint blue brick fireplace finishes off the playroom making it cozier and more welcoming

A Blue Fireplace With Colorful Tiles And Pink Floral Wallpaper Around That Accent The Hearth Even More

a blue fireplace with colorful tiles and pink floral wallpaper around that accent the hearth even more

A Bright Whimsical Living Room With A Slamon Pink Fireplace And Colorful Artworks Looks Unusual And Very Eye-Catchy

a bright whimsical living room with a slamon pink fireplace and colorful artworks looks unusual and very eye-catchy

A Bright Mid-Century Modern Living Room With A Bold Blue Mantel With White Framing Over A Brick Fireplace For Ultimate Elegance

a bright mid-century modern living room with a bold blue mantel with white framing over a brick fireplace for ultimate elegance

A Brick Fireplace With A Sunny Yellow Surround, Lots Of Plants And Candles Is A Very Cozy Idea And A Fresh Take On A Traditional Fireplace

a brick fireplace with a sunny yellow surround, lots of plants and candles is a very cozy idea and a fresh take on a traditional fireplace

A Moody Living Room Spruced Up With A Neon Yellow Faux Fireplace And A Colorful Printed Chair

a moody living room spruced up with a neon yellow faux fireplace and a colorful printed chair

A Quirky Colorful Living Room Finished Off With A Hot Pink Faux Fireplace With Colorful Accessories On The Mantel

a quirky colorful living room finished off with a hot pink faux fireplace with colorful accessories on the mantel

A Vintage Fireplace With Floral Tiles On Each Side And A Sunny Yellow Mantel Looks Very Refined And Vintage-Inspired

a vintage fireplace with floral tiles on each side and a sunny yellow mantel looks very refined and vintage-inspired

A Vintage Fireplace With A Purple Mantel Around, Some Potted Plants, Candle Lanterns And Mirrors

a vintage fireplace with a purple mantel around, some potted plants, candle lanterns and mirrors

A Teal Fireplace Is A Natural Solution For A Coastal Living Room And Other Teal Items Echo With It Perfectly Creating A Cohesive Look

a teal fireplace is a natural solution for a coastal living room and other teal items echo with it perfectly creating a cohesive look

A Sunny Yellow Fireplace, A Bold Blue Ottoman And Blue Bottles With Sunflowers To Make The Space Bolder

a sunny yellow fireplace, a bold blue ottoman and blue bottles with sunflowers to make the space bolder

A Green Non-Working Fireplace With Hex Tiles And Candles Inside, With Lush Evergreens For Christmas

a green non-working fireplace with hex tiles and candles inside, with lush evergreens for Christmas

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