Small Prefab Huga House For Off-The-Grid Living

This Small Prefab Home Features A Large Folding Screen That Is A Layer Of Protection To The House

This small prefab home features a large folding screen that is a layer of protection to the house

Prefab houses and cabins are perhaps on top of their popularity as everyone is craving for comfortable living wherever they want, for being mobile and still feel very cozy anywhere. Meet Hüga, a new and innovative type of prefab house developed by studio Grandio. It’s a compact and small house inspired by minimalism and the philosophy based on the idea that happiness doesn’t have to be linked to the material things.

The house has a living surface of 45 square meters and it can be reduced or expanded upon in order to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants. The structural shell of the house is made from a lightweight polymer which allows it to be transported on site via truck. Once there, a reinforced concrete layer is added, bringing the house to a total weight of around 55 Tn. Thanks to this process the house can be installed in only one day. It doesn’t require any additional work to be done on the site such as installing a foundation for example and it can be brought to virtually any location.

Inside, it’s a 3.90 x 3.90 x 11 m volume organized into several areas. There’s a mezzanine floor where the bedroom and relaxation area are and the kitchen, living and dining area and the bathroom are on the ground floor. Large windows fill the interior with natural sunlight and allow the small space to appear bright and airy. The house comes fully equipped, ready to become a home.

The Mezzanine Is Where The Sleeping Area Is, Just Bi Enough For A Two-Person Mattress And Some Basic Furniture

The mezzanine is where the sleeping area is, just bi enough for a two-person mattress and some basic furniture

The Rest Of The Functions Are Clustered On The Ground Floor In An Open Floor Plan

The rest of the functions are clustered on the ground floor in an open floor plan

The Living Area Is Oriented Towards A Large Window Which Is Intended To Serve As A Focal Point

The living area is oriented towards a large window which is intended to serve as a focal point

You Can Create A Kitchen And A Living Room Here If You Want - There's Enough Space For That

You can create a kitchen and a living room here if you want – there’s enough space for that

The Bathroom Is Very Small And Sleek And Is Done In Light Colors To Make It Feel Spacious And Airy

The bathroom is very small and sleek and is done in light colors to make it feel spacious and airy

An Accent Color Is Perfect For Minimalist Spaces

an accent color is perfect for minimalist spaces

The Bedroom Shows Off Much Hidden Storage Space, A Comfy Bed And Some Lights - Who Needs More In Such A Space

The bedroom shows off much hidden storage space, a comfy bed and some lights – who needs more in such a space

The Structural Frame Of The House Is Lightweight And Can Be Transported Via Truck

The structural frame of the house is lightweight and can be transported via truck

The Installation Process Is Easy And Can Be Completed In One Day Without The Need For A Foundation

The installation process is easy and can be completed in one day without the need for a foundation

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