12 Small Bathtubs – 54-inch & 48-inch Soaker Tubs for Small Bathrooms

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If a tiny bathroom has put a damper on your dreams of treating yourself to a weekly bubble bath, your faith may just be restored, thanks to the growing popularity—and selection—of small bathtubs available. While you may have envisioned your future bathroom with a huge ceramic soaking tub, if your current reality means you live in a tiny apartment or smaller starter home, you’ll still be able to enjoy the pleasure of taking a bath. 

More compact bathtubs still make for perfect self-care days, but they also allow you to use space more efficiently. These variations prove that small can pack a big stylistic punch, too. And logistically speaking, they’re also easier to clean and care for. Check out the following list of small bathtubs and get ready to boost your bathroom’s bathing potential.

1. Black freestanding soaking tub

There’s something so sophisticated about a black bathtub. This one’s unique shape and glossy finish will ensure your bathroom is just as stylish as you—even its overflow drain looks chic.

Buy: Black 59″ x 28″ Freestanding Soaking Bathtub, $1,000 from AllModern

2. Heritage cast iron classic clawfoot tub

Clawfoot tubs provide that perfect vintage appeal, no matter whether you’re going for a farmhouse look or an Art Deco vibe. It’s all about the styling, so you can make it fit your aesthetic. Clawfoot tubs like this one are also a lot smaller than a regular bath, so you won’t have to sacrifice style or space.

Buy: Heritage 57 Inch Cast Iron Classic Clawfoot Tub, Starting at $3,160 $1,249 from Vintage Tub & Bath

3. Vanity art freestanding soaking bathtub

Awkward corners hold plenty of potential for bubble baths. With the right small tub, you can give underutilized space a purpose that’s worth every penny. This particular style also has a little ledge, so your wine glass and favorite book have the perfect spot to perch. 

Buy: SW-148 (41 X 41) Bathtub, Starting at $3,570 from ADM Bathroom

5. Voltaire acrylic white bathtub

The perfect little alcove deserves the perfect little tub. While an extra-large bath with jets may feel like a distant dream, you don’t need much to truly create the ultimate spa experience. Just get that itty bitty tub, a few candles, and lots of suds, then kick your feet up and relax.

6. Miya cast iron clawfoot tub

For those who can’t quite decide on their style, an old fashioned silhouette with a modern color scheme is the perfect solution. This clawfoot tub’s shape is a nod to retro times, but its matte black paint job and chrome legs instantly update it for today’s interiors.

Buy: 54″ Miya Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub – Ball & Claw Feet – Black, Starting at $1,399 from Signature Hardware

7. Simone polished stainless steel soaking tub

8. Aquatica freestanding soaking bathtub

9. Boleyn cast iron skirted tub

10. Acrylic freestanding soaking bathtub

11. Kauai corner acrylic tub

Here’s another fabulous example of how corner tubs can help you eke out enough space for a proper soak. What really makes this one stand out is in the details: It comes with two pillow headrests and a multi-function hand shower, so your bubble baths can be ultra relaxing.

Buy: 52” Kauai Corner Acrylic Tub, Starting at $1,099 from Signature Hardware

12. Cambria cast iron roll-top clawfoot tub

This tiny tub proves even the smallest bathrooms can hold space for a good soak every now and then. While it is a clawfoot tub, it looks more modern than the typical version—making it a lovely fit for any bath.

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