Emily Henderson’s EHD Insider Community Program

The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is relevant to all aspects of life, including home decor and furniture. If you’ve outgrown that antique dresser, another person might swoop it up in a heartbeat—all it takes is the right platform to serve as the messenger. Enter Emily Henderson’s latest endeavor: EHD Insider Community. 

The interior designer just launched the platform for members to connect through a mutual obsession with design. Joining the community gives you access to a range of forums to air your design mistakes, ask for advice, and share your current obsessions, among others. But the feature that perhaps is most exciting is the “Garage Sale” group, where design enthusiasts can trade their goods among one another in a safe space.

While the platform just launched, there are already over 10 items up for grabs in the group—most of which are coming from Henderson herself. So basically, this is your opportunity to snag home decor and furniture from the designer at a rare, low price—from a $800 sofa that’s usually $5,000 to black leather and wood sling chairs for $400 (originally $1,290).

Similar to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, the transaction details occur between the seller and the buyer. “You post a photo and some details, then other members contact you directly through the platform and you coordinate the sale directly,” Henderson wrote on her blog post about EHD Insider Community. She mentioned that the company stays out of the process, simply “creating the forum, not facilitating the sale or taking a cut.”

To become part of EHD Insider Community, members pay a $9.99 fee every month. However, if you want to try it before you buy it, sign up for the two-week free trial that has no strings attached. And check out all the items for sale, while you’re at it!

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