Best Cookware Protectors on Amazon

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Quick poll: Is your cookware A.) lined up perfectly in a spacious walk-in pantry, or B.) stacked haphazardly in a drawer or on a shelf? If you answered B, you’re not alone! Whether you’ve recently purchased new cookware pieces or have amassed a collection, it can be tempting (and space-saving) to stack your pots, pans and serving pieces. And as much as stacking can help contain and organize cookware, without a protective layer between items — especially non-stick pans, stainless steel or anything with an enamel glaze — pieces are susceptible to scratching, chipping and even cracking. If you thought a dish towel or piece of cardboard between layers offered enough protection, you can do better! Cue: These highly rated (4.8-stars!) felt protectors from Boyan that cost only $10 on Amazon and are designed to keep cookware shiny and free of scratches forever!

Rather than a simple round design, Boyan’s protectors have an innovative starfish shape with “arms” that flex to fit around curvaceous items like stock pots or Dutch ovens, thus ensuring every edge and surface is fully protected. One side has a non-slip surface so items won’t shift around while being stored, a feature that’s also handy if you choose to use one as a trivet to safeguard your countertops from hot items.

“If you have enameled cast iron cookware (Le Creuset) you might want to invest in these to keep your pots and pans scratch-free,” says one happy reviewer. “Definitely worth the price to keep cookware looking and working like new.”

The 12-piece set includes three versatile sizes ranging from 11 to 15 inches, so the protectors can be used to separate and cushion everything from nesting bowls to frying pans to baking dishes. The lightweight polyester material is easy to trim, so you can customize them as well. And since felt works like a noise buffer, you won’t cringe from clanking or scraping every time you retrieve a piece.

“I have migraines and pots and pans banging or rattling drives me nuts,” says one reviewer. “So eliminate scratches when you stack your pans, and enjoy a little quieter kitchen at the same time.” Another reviewer adds: “I just purchased a nice expensive set of ceramic cookware and cringed when I stacked them. I bought these and it’s just what I needed. It’s such a simple solution!”

All things considered, $10 is a minor investment to make toward protecting your delicate — and often pricey! — cookware, which, when properly cared for, should last decades or even a lifetime. So treat yourself (and your pots and pans) to these affordable cookware protectors, and let your dish towels go back to doing what they do best!

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