Brighten Up Your Patio Nights With The Best Umbrella Lights


Oh, the summer days drifting away to the summer nights. That cozy feeling you get spending time in your patio in the warm breeze of the sunset. Those conversations with friends extending long into the night. Precious or fun moments deserve to be under a spotlight. But also, because it ain’t too much fun to stumble around your own garden when stars don’t shine too bright. That is why having umbrella lights can be both practical and decorative.

Add a spark of style to your patio with one of our recommended umbrella lights. If you want to add a romantic light or a bright one, suitable for reading outside, you have plenty of options. We put together a list of 4 best lighted umbrellas. If your garden already features a solar umbrella, check out our selection of lighting options to match. Feeling overwhelmed by the topic? Our guide can shed some light on the most important features to consider.

How To Choose The Best Umbrella Lights?

Making an informed decision is mandatory to ensure you don’t throw your money out the window. So here we are, to help you see the light among this plethora of options available on the market. We break down the most important features you need to analyze before purchasing your very own umbrella lights. You may be all about style, but there are some essential technicalities to consider too.

Power Source Type

Umbrella lights come in three variants, based on what kind of power source they use. You can choose solar, battery or mains powered lights for your patio. Here’s the trick, each one has some upsides and downsides, so keep reading to know more.

  • Solar powered umbrella lights absorb and store sunlight throughout the day. Once it gets dark, they convert it into energy as they turn on. Eco-friendly, not weighing on your energy bill, these lights seem perfect. That is, of course, if you are living on the sunny side of the country. If weather in your area is mostly cloudy, solar lighting may not reach its full potential. Also, make sure you want to give nature full control over the lights. That is, this kind of lights will turn on by themselves, as soon as it gets dark. And they also fade out when they start running out of power. So, if you usually spend time outside in the late hours of the night, these lights might not glow long enough.
  • Mains powered umbrella lights connect to a constant source of power. That means you can keep the party going all night long. They are affordable and reliable, all you need to do is plug them in to your mains power supply. The downsides come from the power cords spread around your patio. There is a risk you can stumble on the cables hidden in the grass, especially at late hours, when you get very tired. Not to mention that the long cords may not match your garden design very well.
  • Battery powered umbrella lights bring together the best of both worlds. That means they can be eco-friendly, practical, convenient and aesthetic. Consider rechargeable batteries, not the discardable ones, to reduce waste. Your electricity bills will be under control too. This will help you reduce costs and protect the environment as well. They ensure you have as much light as you need, when you need it, without the unpleasant cables all over your patio.


When it comes to design, there are four most common options for the patio lights. You can choose between strand lights, disc lights, spotlights and lanterns.

  • Strand lights are the first thing most people associate with umbrella lights. They involve multiple small bulbs attached on a powering cord. Usually, their distribution matches the structure of your umbrella. You will have a central trunk line for the pole and additional strands for the umbrella rims. If you already have a solar umbrella in your patio, you can buy only the strand lights and attach them. Or you can choose an umbrella model that already incorporates these lights. Keep in mind that this kind of lights have more the set-the-vibe kind of glow. They might not be bright enough if you want to read or play cards under your umbrella after sunset.
  • Disc lights have a circular shape and you can usually fasten them around your umbrella pole. They direct light downwards, ensuring plenty of light under the umbrella. Unlike the strand lights, these ones will provide widespread, strong light. So, don’t rely on them for creating a soft, romantic atmosphere. Yet, consider them your allies if you plan reading or having a late-night dinner under the umbrella.
  • Lantern lights are a versatile addition to your garden. You can either hang them to your umbrella or place them around the patio. They add a whimsical touch to your outdoors, making it even more enjoyable to spend time there. Not to mention that they will be a pleasure to the eye even when they’re turned off, thanks to their design.

Our Most Recommended Patio Umbrellas with Lights

You may want to refresh your backyard with a solar umbrella so you can enjoy summer days (and nights) more. Or you may simply want to update your old, dusty umbrella with a more modern version. Either way, we dare you to take a peek at our selection of lighted patio umbrellas. We have a feeling that at least one of these carefully selected models will be love at first…light.

1. Hartlepool Market Umbrella

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Add some style to your patio or pool with the Hartlepool Market Umbrella. This deluxe aluminum umbrella comes with an exquisite design and powerful LED lights. You get to enjoy more time with your family or your friends, under an elegant and practical cover. The umbrella protects you during the day from strong UV rays. At night, its solar-powered LEDs will provide you with the light you need. When it comes to your comfort, crank it up a notch. This umbrella’s height and inclination angle are easy to adjust, just as you need them. Choose from the five canopy colors the one that would look great in your garden or by the pool.

2. Somerville 10′ x 6.5′ Rectangular Market Umbrella

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The Somerville Rectangular Market Umbrella satisfies your needs for both shade and light. Tilt the umbrella as you need, to keep you safe from the hot sun. Adjust the inclination angle so the light falls on your table perfectly. It is all a push-button away, both tilting and switching the light on/off. Count on this umbrella to last, thanks to its powder-coated aluminum structure. It will pass the test against rust, chipping or peeling, while looking great in your patio. It comes with a one year warranty and a ventilated design to stop the umbrella from inverting on windy days. Take cover under the canopy, available in four attractive colors: canvas blue, sandy, wine red and taupe.

3. Maghull 9′ Market Umbrella

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The Maghull 9′ Market Umbrella lets you enjoy your time outdoors a lot more, both at day and at night. A strong steel structure combines with a colored canopy for an aesthetic look. Both practical and beautiful, this round umbrella has incorporated lights as well. Adjust the inclination angle with the crank lift and get as much sun or shade as you want. Or use it to make sure the rim light suits your needs. The intense color of the canopy is fade resistant, thanks to the 240/gsm polyester used. Water-repellent, easy to clean, it is available in four colors: green, beige,dark red and brown. The product comes with a 6 month warranty. Use this umbrella day and night, to feel more comfortable in your patio

4. Patio Umbrella Ourdoor Solar Umbrella LED

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The ABCCANOPY Patio Solar Umbrella adds a splash of color and light to your nights in the garden. Of course, you also get plenty of shade under its canopy on hot days. Go full (solar) power with this beautiful umbrella, as its 32 LED lights will charge all day and glow all night. No annoying cords around, no empty batteries. The solar panel of the umbrella recharges automatically, allowing the lights to work up to 12h. Opening or closing the umbrella is a “crank” away. And there is only one button to push if you want to tilt the umbrella top. This solar umbrella will pass the test of time for sure. It features protection against water, UV, fade and rust.

What If I Already Have A Patio Umbrella?

These patio umbrellas with incorporated lights look great, no doubt. But what if you already have an umbrella and just want some lights? We thought of that and selected some of the most practical and beautiful umbrella lights. Take a look and find your favorite!

Product Best Features Design Power Source Number of Lights
1. HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light remote control, 16 color change options, adjustable brightness, wireless disc lights battery powered 20 LED lights
2. Theron Solar 3-in-1 Patio Umbrella Lighting independently adjustable spotlights spotlight solar powered 3 spotlights
3. OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light 3 Brightness versatile (hang/clamp) installation, 3 brightness modes disc lights battery powered 28 LED lights
4. Multi Colored LED Outside Lights for Deck Umbrella small size, suitable for various settings, remote control, 2 brightness modes, 16 colors disc lights battery powered 20 LED lights
5. Brella Lights Patio Umbrella Lighting System With Power Pod with 6 Rib universal match for any 6 feet diameter umbrella string lights power pod 120 lights
6. Black Solar Powered LED Outdoor Bug Zapper Lantern practical design, modern UV-light technology for zapping insects lantern solar powered built-in LED light
7. Patio Lantern adjustable brightness, safe to use in locations with high humidity lantern battery powered built-in LED light

1. HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light

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The HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light is perfect to get the party started. It is suitable for your patio umbrella but also for camping or  other outdoor activities. Choose from the 16 colors palette the one to match your atmosphere. Adjust brightness, color, turn the lights on/off, while being up to 26 feet apart. The 24 keys remote control is easy to use and very convenient. Forget the worries about cables spreading all over the patio. These LEDs operate with 6 AA batteries, so you can dance under the lights without stumbling.

2. Theron Solar 3-in-1 Patio Umbrella Lighting

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The Theron Solar 3-in-1 Patio Umbrella Lighting allows you to enjoy up to 10h of light every night in your patio. The three spotlights are solar powered and can be easily adjusted, to direct light where you need it most. Eco-friendly light, these three spotlights match any patio umbrella. No more tangled cables around your garden, no worry about turning off the lights in the morning. The bright LEDs turn off on their own during the day and light up after sunset. Get ready to get under the spotlight with these convenient, powerful umbrella lights.

3. OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light 3 Brightness

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The OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light makes your brightest dreams true, right in your patio. Of course, we’re talking about how much light you want to have for your nights spent outdoors. You get to choose from three different brightness levels: Dim (4 LEDs on), Bright (24 LEDs) or Super Bright (28 LEDs). All accessible with the press of a button. Easy to install, saving energy and looking sharp, this LED disk brightens up your nights. Clamp it on your umbrella or hang it in your tent or wherever you need. No strings attached, as it operates with four batteries.

4. Multi Colored LED Outside Lights for Deck Umbrella

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The HONWELL Umbrella Pole Light is the slightly lighter version of the HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light. And by lighter, we mean both color and weight. This umbrella light has a white body, but comes with the same 16 color options for you to set the atmosphere right. The remote makes everything more convenient, from switching the lights on/off to setting the brightness. And it is cord-free, using six batteries as a power source.

5. Brella Lights Patio Umbrella Lighting System With Power Pod with 6 Rib

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The Brella Lights Patio Umbrella Lighting System will make your patio umbrella glow. Enjoy a soft, subtle light, for endless nights. This in-line lighting system operates with a power pod, so you don’t have to worry about battery. And its design matches any umbrella with a 6-feet diameter. Add a whimsical vibe to your patio with these umbrella lights.

6. Black Solar Powered LED Outdoor Bug Zapper Lantern

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Trust the Black Solar Powered LED Outdoor Bug Zapper Lantern to bring light and charm to your patio. This little lantern suits any patio, deck or camping space. Count on its UV light to attract and zap any annoying mosquitos or flies. It uses solar energy to operate, so you don’t have to worry about cables or batteries. Just place it in your desired spot and enjoy the night.

7. Patio Lantern

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The Patio Lantern will cast plenty of light in your garden, even on rainy nights. Safe to use in places with high humidity, this lantern will spread 1000 lumens of light in all directions. Flood areas of over 50 feet with light or simply add a bit of glow, with a dim light. You can adjust the brightness of these lights. Also, don’t worry about tricky cables, the lanterns works with batteries.

How To Take Care Of Your Umbrella Lights in Winter

If you live in an area where winter is gentle, you don’t have much to worry. The high-quality umbrella lights are usually weatherproof. By design, they should handle very well the typical winter weather.

But if you face heavy snowfall, strong winds or high humidity in winter, here are some tips that can be useful. Learn how to protect your umbrella lights in the cold season.

Avoid large amounts of snow from gathering on your cables and wires. Preferably, save your mains-powered lights from very low temperatures. You can either isolate them properly with a cover until spring. Or if you have enough space, place them in your garage or another indoors area until better weather. Low temperatures and high humidity can impact the integrity of the electrical circuits.

Enjoy The Glow

Umbrella lights, whether strings, lanterns or discs, will really brighten up your patio. We hope our guide and recommended models help you find the light you are looking for. Let us know in the comments which style is your favorite. Lighten up and enjoy those warm summer nights under your brand new umbrella lights!


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