The ‘Black is King’ Gold Hoop Chair Hangs in Beyoncé’s Home

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Beyoncé’s visual album “Black is King,” a companion to her 2019 album “The Lion King: The Gift,” debuted on Disney+ on July 31. A celebration of Black culture, “Black is King” reimagines the lessons of “The Lion King” through a contemporary lens. The result is 85 minutes of awe-inspiring visuals that span rivers, oceans, deserts, and opulent mansions with incredible props. Among the many props featured, one product in particular is swoon-worthy: the gold hoop chair that Bey and her daughter Blue Ivy dangle from in various song numbers, created by British designer Lee Broom. 

Blue Ivy notably swings from the chair in “Find Your Way Back,” and, later, it’s featured again as Beyoncé sits on it in “Don’t Jealous Me.” Called the Hanging Hoop Chair, it features a red cushion that isn’t as visible in “Black in King.” With its ability to suspend from the ceiling, the chair retails at over $5,400. (No big deal!) Broom told design magazine Dezeen that it was a “complete surprise” to see his chair in “Black is King.” According to the designer, Beyoncé’s team wanted to rent the chair for a “secret project”—then the “MOOD 4 EVA” singer decided to purchase it because she “absolutely loved” it. 

“Beyoncé’s people got in touch to discuss hiring the Hanging Hoop Chair for a secret project,” Broom explained. “We gladly obliged and were then contacted again by her team to say that Beyoncé absolutely loved the chair and would like to purchase it for her home—which she did.” The designer added of its delightful addition to the visual album, “The chair has always been one of my favorite designs given its playful and mobile quality, so I am delighted to see it used so beautifully by someone whose artistry I admire greatly.”

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