Small Organized Spaces: Simple Jewelry Organization

Hey there friends! Today I’m back to share with you another Small Organized Spaces post. My jewelry organization “system” hasn’t been working for me for awhile now so I finally gave it a good purge and overhaul. This task was pretty quick to execute and it feels great to have it done and checked off the list!

Small Organized Spaces: Jewelry Organization Solutions At I'M An Organizing Junkie Blog

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So let’s start with how I was previously storing my jewelry. I was using the Longstem Jewelry Organizer and it is awesome. I love how it utilizes under-used door space and boy does it hold a lot of jewelry. Like a ton! But therein lies the problem for me. I no longer needed this much space.

Longstem Jewelry Organizer

I find as I’ve gotten older that I am wearing less and less costume jewelry. In fact I find myself wearing the same simple gold jewelry day in and day out now. So you know the drill around here. If you haven’t worn or used something in the past year, it’s time to let it go. So that’s just what I did. I donated all the pieces that no longer fit my style which to be honest was the majority of it. As a result my beautiful jewelry organizer was just more than I now needed. So instead I decided to re-purpose it on the back of my closet door…as a bra holder! Sorry I’m not showing you that ?

I was also able to re-purpose another jewelry stand I no longer needed and turned it into a mask drying rack instead. So perfect!

Face Drying Rack

So what am I using now to organize my jewelry you ask? I purchased a new much smaller jewelry organizer and hung it on my bedroom wall. I love that I can easily see and access all my pieces without anything getting tangled up. The bar for the bracelets is removable so you just lift it up and slide the bracelets right on or off.

Small Organized Spaces: Jewelry Organizer

Small Organized Spaces: Jewelry Organizer

I also purchased some of these Adjustables Command hooks. They are small adhesive hooks that I attached to the side of my dresser to hold a few more necklaces. You could add these to any free wall you have to help organize your jewelry. Keep it simple!

3M Adjustables Command Hooks

I like to share these small organized spaces posts because this is how the majority of my organizing gets done. By solving one small annoying organizing problem at a time. Worrying about organizing an entire room at once can be all so overwhelming. Instead start small and keep at it. One task at a time. Make a list of all those small areas that annoy you the most. Like your jewelry for instance. Is it all tangled up in a drawer frustrating you every time you reach for something? Can you only find one earring? One of your small tasks could simply be to match up the lost pairs. You can even do that while you are watching TV, sweet! Those are my kind of tasks :).

I hope this post gives you some ideas for any jewelry organization dilemmas you are currently dealing with. Remember simplify it, don’t complicate it!

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