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Barter Design + Toi Art Gallery – Small Biz Spotlight

As a small business ourselves, we like to shed as much light on smaller indie brands and companies as we can. To make that happen, we’ve launched the Small Biz Spotlight series where we highlight small brands we love in our shop and beyond.

Barter Design + Toi Art Gallery – Small Biz Spotlight

Barter Design Tells the Story of the Connection Between Material and Maker

Co-founders Kenneth Torrance and Katie Sweeting aspire to strengthen their communities by sharing timeless objects. Torrence began experimenting with materials as far back as high school, first working with soap stone carvings before moving on to other raw materials and mediums. Eventually Barter Design was created as a means to gathering knowledge through makers and their craft, as well as to better connect us to the places we live.

Makers are of a timeless profession – there is no other creative rush than when you take a natural material from earth and shape it with your hands, or a tool that has been made from years of passion and passed down knowledge.

–Barter design co-founder Kenneth Torrance

Barter Design’s wares include bowls and vessels, candles, stools and seating, tables and planters.

Barter Design + Toi Art Gallery – Small Biz Spotlight

>> To purchase Barter Design’s goods, visit <<<

Barter Design + Toi Art Gallery – Small Biz Spotlight

Toi’s Gallery Aims To Make the World More Beautiful Through Art

If you’re looking for one of a kind artwork for your home, you’re going to love Toi Art Gallery. Their limited edition prints by artists from around the globe are exclusively offered on Toi’s website at affordable prices. Founders Karina Miller and Viviana Elinger were both born and raised in Argentina, but are currently living with their families in Southern California. Their goal through Toi is to foster a connection with a community that shares the same passion for unique and beautiful art as they do.

At Toi, we cherish the diversity and multiplicity that meaningful art pieces represent; we curate artworks that communicate feelings and emotions, we aim to create a relationship of love, a connection from the artists to the art-lover and from one art lover to another.

Toi Gallery is currently offering 20% off limited edition prints, with a minimum purchase of $90, using code SUMMER20. You can also enjoy free U.S. shipping and a flat international rate.

Barter Design + Toi Art Gallery – Small Biz Spotlight

>> To purchase art from Toi Gallery, visit <<<

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