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Nautical Theme For Baby Nursery and toddlers Room

Ahoy! Keep any space afloat with these nautical-inspired designs and turn any dull hull into a sailboat that your little captain would be excited to navigate!

Common Materials For Creating a Nautical Theme Kids Room

Here are some common materials you can use to create a nautical room theme.

  • ropes
  • fishing nets
  • wooden oars
  • boat cleats
  • rudders

Theme colors For a Nautical Theme Kids Room

  • red
  • navy blue
  • white

A nautical theme for a boy’s room is trending. There are many ways in which you can bring a nautical feel to a kid’s room. Most importantly, you don’t have to be an expert interior designer to give a nautical feel to your room. You just need to get your hands on a few nautical items. The best-known nautical items are ropes, fishing nets, wooden oars, boat cleats, and rudders. You can also add horizontal stripes to any corner of the room – bed, curtain, lamp. Here is the step by step guide on how to create a nautical themed room:

Here are the steps to create a nautical theme for a boy’s room:

Step 1 Add a boy Bedding for the bed/crib.

Step 2 Throw Matching Cushions with Sea Nautical Cushion Cover

Step 3 Stick wall nautical decals on one of the walls.

Step 4 Hang curtains in nautical colors and prints

Step 5 Tie the curtains with nautical curtain tiebacks for more natural light.

Add a Nautical Themed Bedding for the bed/crib

If you have chosen the nautical theme for your kid’s room or nursery, then this 100% Cotton Nautical Bedding for the bed/crib will create the perfect feel of the nautical theme. For kid’s bedding, we always recommend 100% cotton. This nautical Bedding for the bed/crib is made of 100% cotton is gentle on the soft skin of the babies and the growing kids. Comfort is of utmost importance when selecting nautical bedding set for the kids. We want to ensure the little ones get a sound sleep after a tiresome day in our hand-picked 100% cotton nautical Bedding for the bed/crib. The most common prints associated with the nautical theme are Stripes in Red, Blue, and white colors. The package includes. It comes in different sizes. Best of all, this nautical Bedding for the bed/crib is machine-washable.

Nautical Nightlight

In the perfect nautical dreamland, a nautical Nightlight plays an important role. Kids often get scared in the dark. Do you need to end the day with a peaceful night’s sleep for your young ones? Then you will need a night light for babies that also matches your nautical bedroom theme. This nautical Nightlight is Dimmable. You can adjust the brightness of the light to the best night light color for the baby. Our nautical Nightlight is the best night light for children afraid of the dark. It is also the best night light for feeding the baby without disturbing his sleep in the nautical adventure land. Explore our complete range of Night lights for children’s bedrooms here.

Mediterranean Style Wooden Lighthouse Lamp

Nautical Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is essential for school-going kids. You often need more light when writing and reading. You can make the learning experience more fun by bringing the imagination to life. Brighten up the study table with a desk lamp. Stimulate the young minds with the right light. This nautical desk lamp gives the right amount of light to help make studying more productive. Make your child’s studying space feel like a nautical of productivity with these desk lamps for kids.

Nautical Ceiling Lights

If you want to create an interesting, imaginative, and comfortable nautical kid’s room, you will need matching Ceiling Lights to go with the entire nautical theme. Make your kid’s first adventure a memorable and bright one with nautical Ceiling Lights Provide your little one with the right lighting. As he embarks on his journey to the nautical world of adventure. Check out this Nautical Ceiling Light.

Nautical Wall lights

Inspired by the nautical theme, this wall light adds a nautical charm to your boy’s room. This wall light is an interesting nautical lighting fixture to illuminate your child’s space and imagination. Here is our best pick of nautical wall lights.

Nautical Wall Decals

If you do not wish to invest in ropes, fishing nets, wooden oars, boat cleats, and rudders you can try these nautical wall decals. This is a clever way to punch up your boring walls in a nautical-themed room. It has patterns of the lighthouse, sea creatures like octopuses and whales, little sailboats, compasses, anchors, and world maps. It is a perfect fit for a nautical-themed bedroom for boys.

This Amazing nautical wall decal set will magically bring the sea life to your children’s bedroom, making it a more playful space. These carefully crafted durable Vinyl wall decals are easy to install, clean, and remove without damaging the wall. They have forms of the lighthouse, sea creatures like octopuses and whales, little sailboats, compasses, anchors, and world maps presenting a gorgeous mix of red, white, and navy blue. Here is what you need, nautical Wall Decals.

Nautical Wall Color

Paint one color or horizontal stripes in red, white, and navy blue to bring the nautical feel to the wall.

Our Nautical Room Collection

Take a look at our collection to Create a perfect Nautical Themed Room


Inspirational Nautical Themed Rooms For Babies, toddlers, and older kids

1. Rudder headboard with bookshelves
2. Hang a fishing net
3. Turn a boat into a bookcase
4. Fix an old worn-out wooden oar on the wall then hang your family picture frames or kid’s name letters from it.
6. Use canvas to make a monogrammed headboard.
8. Simply use boat cleats as curtain tie back.
9. Give a nautical-themed makeover to a bedroom chest.
10. Create rope shelves mounted to a navy striped wall.
11. A nautical beach room


Create a dreamland for your kids. Give them a nautical adventure of a lifetime that they would cherish in the years to come. It is easy to create a nautical theme with some common materials like ropes, fishing nets, wooden oars, boat cleats, and rudders. Use vibrant colors like red, navy blue, white and horizontal stripes. If that’s not enough light up the experience with matching ceiling lights, nightlight, desk lamp, and wall lights. The little captain is ready to embark on a new adventure.

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