Friday Five with Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

Friday Five With Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

Jorey (Shosh) Friedman, Vice President and Principal of SB Architects, has over 25 years of experience providing architectural design expertise. Her speciality is large-scale projects that include hospitality, golf and resort residential communities and mixed-use developments. She has the ability to create and sustain a strong project vision from concept to construction, all while building and maintaining positive client relationships. Her leadership capabilities forge strong project teams that work together efficiently and effectively. Jorey leads the design and presentation of many of the firm’s most prominent projects in the United States and around the world. Her long-term commitments to the firm include playing an active role in business development and providing mentorship for junior architects within the firm. Today Jorey joins us for Friday Five!

Friday Five With Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

1. Textures + Patterns in Nature
I love photographing nature. I like getting so close that you can’t really discern what you’re looking at, but instead focus on the patterns, colors and movement in a similar way that you would admire a beautifully composed, abstract piece of art.

Natural textures and patterns always seem perfect – to the extent that I cannot think of a line, angle, shape or space I could alter to improve the composition. When designing I look to those natural curves and angles to draw inspiration.

Friday Five With Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

2. Martial Arts – Shotokan Karate
Although I’m not actively training, the Japanese Martial Art of Shotokan Karate was a huge influential part of my life. I didn’t begin training until my third year of Architecture School, but discovered it provided the needed balance in my life. The concept of mind, body and spirit as one was very appealing to me and I dove in whole-heartedly. I practiced 6-7 days a week for many years and even competed Internationally. Once I retired from competition, I found a lot of satisfaction in teaching.

I stopped teaching and training after 23 years, right before giving birth to my son when I could no longer wrap my black belt around my humongous belly one time, let alone the standard two. My passion has never subsided, and I hope to start training again in the very near future!

Friday Five With Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

3. Donovan
Donovan is our amazing Australian Shepherd. Although he is 100% deaf, he hears better than most “hearing” dogs, and even some humans for that matter. I sometimes imagine what his world is like – so quiet, peaceful, all other senses enhanced. This is the only world he has ever known, but he has adapted so well.

His naturally sweet and calm demeanor make him perfect for his role as a registered pet therapy dog, and he thrives on the interaction. One of his regular gigs is for an organization called Paws to Read, which is held at the public library for young children who are having difficulty learning to read and feel embarrassed reading in front of people. Here they read to dogs who do not judge or criticize. Donovan, our non-hearing beautiful Aussie, is always attentive as they read to him – hanging on their every word.

Friday Five With Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

4. Japanese Pottery
Japanese pottery is a particular favorite of mine, which I fell in love with during my time in Japan. I have a coffee cup and sake cup collection, which I discovered was the smallest and relatively affordable way to quench my love of pottery. I began collecting and did not stop throughout the three years I spent living in Japan. Each one is different and beautiful and reminds me of my time spent there. Each has an individual story.

I have them displayed in my home and love to put them to use when I have friends over for a Japanese meal. I have them select their favorite sake cup from the collection (as well as their favorite chopsticks – another collection and something affordable). It’s always fun to see which cup each friend chooses, and what drew them to that particular cup. I use my coffee cups the same way. The simple everyday experience of drinking a cup of coffee seems elevated when those cups are shared with friends.

Friday Five With Jorey (Shosh) Friedman

5. Popcorn + White Wine
This is historically, and to this very day, my favorite go-to meal when I am alone and too tired to cook. Back when I was single, living alone and heavily into my karate training I wouldn’t get back from class until 10pm – exhausted, not particularly hungry and definitely not in the mood to cook. Having only my Cockatoo, Elvis, to attend to at that time, I would pour myself a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, pop up some fresh popcorn and watch tv. Elvis loved sharing in the popcorn festivities as well.

Today, many years and seemingly a lifetime later, when my husband and son are away and I find myself in that rare moment of being alone, I still gravitate to this… my go-to meal. But now with Donovan by my side, poised to catch a lobbed piece of popcorn at a seconds notice.

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