Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour

Come take a full tour of our farmhouse style kitchen and dining room including peeks at our everyday organization systems and how we maintain them day to day.

Kitchen &Amp; Dining Room Tour

We live in a small home and we definitely don’t want to have clutter piling up everywhere. So it’s really important to my family and I that we keep things organized.

So today I want to give you a realistic view at how we keep our kitchen organized. I’ve already done a full kitchen organization tour on both my blog and my YouTube channel. But today, I’m going to show you how those systems are still working for our family 6+ months later. Plus, I’ll give you a few tips that have helped us maintain these systems day in and day out.

Kitchen & Dining Room Tour

Kitchen &Amp; Dining Room Tour
Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour 13

Our kitchen and dining room are one large open space. Our kitchen is on the left and our dining room is on the right. Let’s start today’s tour in our dining room space.

Farmhouse Dining Room
Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour 14

Dining Room Table | Dining Chairs | Amber Glass Bottle | Sideboard/Buffet | White Cake Stand | Napkin Holder

Our dining room space is pretty simple. The dining room table is one we built with modifications using these plans from Ana White. The chairs are from Target and can be found here.

We store our servicing pieces in our sideboard behind the barn doors. Items like our cake stand, pitchers, serving platters, and trays all live here. I’m very careful to make sure this space doesn’t become overly crowded. If I’m not using it regularly, then it doesn’t deserve a space in my home.

Farmhouse Style White Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour 15

Bar Stools | Under Cabinet Lighting

One of the spaces in any home that attracts clutter more than any other is the kitchen. Kitchen tables, countertops, islands, and any other solid surfaces can be clutter magnets.

Instead of trying to fight against the clutter, I’ve eliminated as much visual clutter as possible. When our surfaces are already overflowing with kitchen appliances, decor, and other miscellaneous items, the clutter blends in and our eyes become blind to it. However, it’s easy for our eyes to see clutter when our surfaces are clear.

Minimal Farmhouse
Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour 16

Simple Human Trashcan | Paper Towel Holder | Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap | Small Wall Clock

The first section of cabinets contains our small pantry cabinet to the right. We store all of our serving dishes and regular cups in the upper cabinet. The lower cabinet holds some of our frequently small appliances including our toaster and blender as well as some baking dishes and pie pans. The drawer above is our junk drawer. (Want to see inside?! Head over to my YouTube channel to take the full tour!)

Minimal Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour 17

Buffalo Check Rug | Welcome Home Sign | Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap

The next section of cabinets is from our sink to our stove. Below our sink we have all of the typical cleaning supplies, dishwasher tabs, and cleaning rags. The set of four drawers holds most of our kitchen utensils and gadgets in the top three drawers. The bottom drawer holds all of our kitchen towels.

Moving along the lower cabinets we come to our corner lazy Susan cabinet. This is where we store all of our pots, pans, mixing bowls, and strainers.

Along the top directly to the left of the sink is our baking cabinet. Here we store bread pans, our hand mixer, measuring cups, food storage containers, frequently used baking supplies, and a food scale. The corner cabinet holds food items like bread, peanut butter, baking mixes, and items I used frequently to prepare dinners.

Minimal Farmhouse Kitchen
Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour 18

Under Cabinet Lighting | Buffalo Check Rug | Boxwood Wreath | Tiered Tray

The final upper cabinet next to our microwave holds spices, oils and vinegars, and all of our canned goods. We are very careful to only buy what we will realistically use in a week’s time so these cabinets never become overly full. The tall, skinny cabinet on the bottom next to the stove holds all of our baking sheets.

Above the stove we store vitamins, children’s medicine, and a food chopper I use frequently.

In the upper cabinet to the left of the stove we store all of our coffee cups, coffee making supplies as well as our water bottles. The drawer holds cooking utensils like spoons, pancake turners, tongs, and our meat masher as well as hot pads and oven mitts. The cabinet below houses all of our baking dishes, my favorite mixing bowl, a few extra serving bowls, and our cooling racks.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island
Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Tour 19

Island Lights | Magnetic Cup | Clear Magnetic Fridge Pocket | Recipe Binder Kit

The side of our fridges acts as our family’s command center. Here we keep a monthly calendar, running grocery list, weekly meal plan, a magnetic cup for a few pens, and a magnetic clear pocket which houses my recipe binder.

Above our fridge we have a wicker basket which holds to-go coffee cups for guests and our plastic plates. The cabinet above the fridge holds extra mason jars, our cookie cutters, and cake and cupcake decorating supplies. Yes, these are used! ?

Our island isn’t huge, but it sure does have a lot of storage! The right drawer holds all of our plastic bags, wraps, chip clips, and crock pot liners. The left drawer is where we store our silverware and grilling tools.

The bottom right drawer is our kid cabinet. This is where our boys’ snacks and a lot of their breakfast items are stored. We also store their lunch boxes and a basket to hold their cups and bowls. The left cabinet holds a few larger appliances like our indoor grill, stand mixer, and grain mill. We use a narrow shelf along the back to hold all of our cookbooks.

How We Maintain an Organized Kitchen & Dining Room

While cleaning, decluttering, and organizing a kitchen can seem overwhelming, maintaining those systems for the long haul can be the real challenge! But there are a few things our family does each day that help us keep our kitchen clean and clutter-free on a daily basis.

1. Daily Routines

We keep our home clean each and every day by following morning and evening routines. Each night we set our dishwasher to run overnight. Mornings are for emptying the dishwasher, doing a quick tidy, and reloading any dirty dishes. By having a place for dirty dishes to go, we are able to maintain a mostly tidy kitchen all day long. And we always going to be with a #cleankitchenatnight.

2. Limit Food Inventory

We only buy what we can realistically use within a week’s time. We avoid buying extras unless it’s something we can use up quickly. By shopping weekly, our pantry isn’t overflowing with food.

3. Eliminate Duplicates

Instead of keeping multiples, we try to limit ourselves to just one or what we might realistically use in one day. We don’t need multiple sets of dishes only to have them pile up on the kitchen sink. We would rather wash a dish we might need, than have an over-abundance.

4. Live on a Budget

This is quite possibly the most important thing we do to help us alleviate clutter in our home. I’m definitely more of a spender and if I’m not careful can go seriously overboard in the aisles of Target or Hobby Lobby. But when I only have so much to spend, I’m more careful with my spending and think harder about my needs vs. wants.

I hope you found some inspiration to get your kitchen and dining room decluttered and organized. Make sure to head over to YouTube to check out the full video tour of this space in our home!

Happy Organizing!

Farmhouse Kitchen &Amp; Dining Room Tour

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