Modern Belgian House Built Of Reclaimed Bricks

This Unique House In Belgium Is Built Of Reclaimed Bricks And Is Dotted With Large Windows Here And There Also Featuring A Gorgeous Shape

This unique house in Belgium is built of reclaimed bricks and is dotted with large windows here and there also featuring a gorgeous shape

Belgian studio BLAF Architecten used reclaimed bricks to build this house in Ghent with an irregular shape that curves around existing trees. Called GjG House, the project is set in the grounds of a 19th-century mansion very close to a main road, so the trees act as a screen.

BLAF Architecten re-used existing bricks to create the curvilinear walls of the house to cut down on waste, with wood and steel as supporting materials. Tall, rectangular windows puncture the walls and there are glass doors on the ground floor to bring even more light to the interiors. The studio said it wanted to show off the qualities of using real brick instead of a stuck-on facade. This supposedly environmentally-friendly mode of construction could actually create more waste and pollution further down the line. The construction for GjG House also means that inside the space is free from supporting walls.

The shape of the shell allows it to be structurally autonomous. The stability of the outer brick wall is not depending on cross walls, columns or beams, but merely on its form and the brick bonding. Beams and brick walls are left bare in places as a feature. Platform-style levels create areas of double-height ceilings. The kitchen is built into a curving wall, with two-tone blue tiles and bare wood cabinetry. The wooden furniture continues along the undulating wall, forming storage and display niches for the dining area.

The interiors of the house are rather simple and are done in mid-century modern style, with a bit of bright colors and catchy accessories. The kitchen features plywood cabinetry and a two-tone blue tile backsplash. Large windows dotting the walls bring enough natural light to the spaces.

The Shape Is So Catchy Because All The Growing Trees Were Left Untouched Here And The House Was Built Around Them

The shape is so catchy because all the growing trees were left untouched here and the house was built around them

Reclaimed Bricks Were Used For Sustainability

Reclaimed bricks were used for sustainability

There Are High Ceilings With Wooden Beams, And The Interiors Are Mid-Century Modern, With Chic And Cool Furniture Of Muted Colors, Bright Touches And Pendant Lamps That Highlight The Ceiling

There are high ceilings with wooden beams, and the interiors are mid-century modern, with chic and cool furniture of muted colors, bright touches and pendant lamps that highlight the ceiling

Glass Doors And Large Windows Brign Much Natural Light In, There Are Statement Plants Add Coziness Here

Glass doors and large windows brign much natural light in, there are statement plants add coziness here

Wooden Built-In-Furniture Follows The Curving Walls, Look How Creative The Staircase Space Looks And How Smart Geometry Was Integrated Here

Wooden built-in-furniture follows the curving walls, look how creative the staircase space looks and how smart geometry was integrated here

Two-Tone Blue Tiles Form A Kitchen Splashback And   Plus Bright Red Appliances Help To Create A Mid-Century Modern Feel

Two-tone blue tiles form a kitchen splashback and plus bright red appliances help to create a mid-century modern feel

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