Contemporary Italian Home In Blue And Grey Shades

This Unique Home Is Done In A Color Palette Of Grey And Blues, With Bold Electric Blue Touches That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

This unique home is done in a color palette of grey and blues, with bold electric blue touches that will make your jaw drop

Located in Bovezzo in the foothills of Brescia, Italy, the Take Time residence is a renovation project completed by Flussocreativo Design Studio for a young homeowner longing for a modern retreat. The light-filled interior feels calm yet happy with hues of blue and grey, along with a few hints of bold colors. Black and white details round out the design plan for a stylistic and welcoming interior.

The villa houses residences belonging to three brothers of the same family who are also in business together. The brother who scored the ground floor here has a “sunny disposition” which is now reflected in the home’s new design. The massive main space joins the kitchen, dining room and living room, each flowing into the next thanks to the cohesive color scheme and material choices. The living room features two ultra comfortable sofas, industrial shelving and a very catchy electric blue chair that is a bold accent in the whole open layout.

I totally love the entryway with a large round mirror, a console, a neon light and a statement artwork – this is a space done with bold style and impeccable taste. The bedroom is done with navy and blue accents, and the en-suite bathroom here continues the color scheme with a navy double vanity. Take a look at other spaces of this gorgeous modern home below!

The Main Layout Is An Open Space With A Kitchen, Dining Room And A Living Room, With Blue Walls And Catchy Pendant Lamps

The main layout is an open space with a kitchen, dining room and a living room, with blue walls and catchy pendant lamps

The Kitchen Is Done With Dark Wooden Storage Units Instead Of Traditional Cabinets, And A Large Kitchen Island With A Bar Zone

The kitchen is done with dark wooden storage units instead of traditional cabinets, and a large kitchen island with a bar zone

The Dining Zone Continues The Space, And There's A Built-In Fireplace To Cozy It Up

The dining zone continues the space, and there’s a built-in fireplace to cozy it up

The Living Room Is Done With Slate Grey Sofas, An Industrial Shelf And A Gorgeous Electric Blue Chair That Steals The Show

The living room is done with slate grey sofas, an industrial shelf and a gorgeous electric blue chair that steals the show

Bright Blue Touches And Accessories Can Be Seen Here And There To Keep Up The Color Scheme

Bright blue touches and accessories can be seen here and there to keep up the color scheme

The Entryway Is Done With A Round Mirror, A Console, Some Greenery And A Neon Sign And Looks Amazing

The entryway is done with a round mirror, a console, some greenery and a neon sign and looks amazing

The Bedroom Features Some Cool Furniture, Navy And Grey Bedding And Bold Art

The bedroom features some cool furniture, navy and grey bedding and bold art

The Bathroom Is Done With A Blue Double Vanity, A Navy Curtain May Be Used For Privacy

The bathroom is done with a blue double vanity, a navy curtain may be used for privacy

Outside There's A Minimalist Terrace And A Pool

Outside there’s a minimalist terrace and a pool

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