Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question “Where Do I Put My Purse?”

Hi everyone, today’s post is an exciting one. One of my MOST annoying organizational problems has been solved!  And I can’t wait to tell you all about it. A couple of weeks ago I shared on Instagram that I would be trading in my beloved mini-van for a new vehicle but was having trouble finding something with equal storage. More specifically I asked “where am I going to put my purse?”. I didn’t get any responses other than “yes that’s a great question, let us know when you figure it out!”. That’s when I realized that this is a huge problem for women and I needed to take up the challenge. I had to find a solution to this badly designed car problem. And so my hunt for the perfect car organizer began.

(keep reading until the end as you don’t want to miss a fun giveaway!)

Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question "Where Do I Put My Purse?" at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

First though maybe I should address why I’m parting with my mini-van in the first place. I have driven a mini-van for over 20 years and this last mini-van I’ve driven for 11 years. I absolutely loved my van but it was time to move on as I don’t have little kids anymore. Two of my kids have grown and flown and my youngest is 14. Letting go was so hard though as not only was I saying goodbye to my van but to that season of my life too. I may have cried a few tears the day we traded it in for this (new to me) SUV.

car organization ideas

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The problem with most vehicles it seems these days (we looked at so many!) is that they come with a large console in the middle of the front seats. So your options for purse storage are these:

  1. put it on the passenger seat (I have passengers most of the time)
  2. throw it on the passenger seat floor (annoying for passengers)
  3. put in on the floor behind me (annoying for me!)
  4. keep it in the trunk (also annoying for me!)
  5. perch it on the console (also annoying because the console doubles as our armrest)

I’d really just prefer not to put my lovely purses on a dirty floor. Especially here in Canada where we can get a lot of snow and rain (where I live anyway).  No thank you! I want to keep my purse clean and easily accessible.

When I realized that finding a vehicle to accommodate my storage loving needs (seriously, vehicle manufacturers really need to smarten up!) wasn’t going to happen, I knew I was going to have to rely on an alternative solution. And I was able to find EXACTLY what I was looking for thanks to a very clever inventor lady named Catherine Seifert. Well actually, to be honest, Catherine had reached out to me via email way back in 2014 when she first designed her product. But at that time I didn’t realize how much, six years into the future, this product was going to change my life so I never got back to her.

Sometimes I’m not so bright. But once I remembered the product, I immediately ordered one off Amazon. It was everything I hoped it would be.

Friends, let me introduce you to the Car Caché.

Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question "Where Do I Put My Purse?"

The Car Caché is a car handbag organizer that fits between the two front seats. But the beauty of this design (unlike similar designs you may have seen) is that the bottom attaches to the console creating a lovely hammock for you handbag. Yep a hammock for your handbag. It’s brilliant! Look at the amazing packaging it comes in too.

Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question "Where Do I Put My Purse?"

View from behind the front seats.

Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question "Where Do I Put My Purse?"

Here’s how it ties underneath the console.

Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question "Where Do I Put My Purse?"

And yes maybe I’m late to the game here but no one I know has one and everyone just puts up with this problem. No more ladies, no more!! And guess what? I would have paid a lot to solve this most annoying problem and I was thrilled to find out that I didn’t have to.* For $20.00 you no longer have to mumble under your breath every time your purse falls over on the front seat and everything falls out onto the floor. No more! Good grief, if only all my problems could be solved this easily, ha!

*Please note that as a Canadian I did pay more for the Car Caché, see my note below for details on Canadian ordering.

Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question "Where Do I Put My Purse?"

You’ll notice there is also a pocket on the Car Caché. This pocket is for extras, you don’t put your purse inside there. Your purse leans against the pocket. The hammock size is fully adjustable depending on the size of your bag. As you can see I have the straps coming forward over the front of the seat to hold my bag more upright since my bag isn’t that big. For larger purses you’d want to let out the straps and slide them over the back of the seat to create a deeper hammock that leans back farther. I like this flexibility. Here’s a picture I took with my bigger purse in it. See how it leans back a little farther?

car cache - car organizer

The Car Caché rests BEHIND the console and doesn’t impede the console at all which is a big plus for me. I would hate to have to move anything off the console to access my stuff inside. I’m so very thankful for this invention!!

Car Caché ~ The Car Organizer That Answers the Question "Where Do I Put My Purse?"

I thought since we’re here you might like to see how I organize some of the other areas of my SUV.

Here’s the inside of my console.

car console organization

The white tin is actually a tea tin that I stole from my house. I literally walked around until I found the exact size I needed for this space. A container like this keeps the space from becoming a bottomless pit. It’s where I store my most important necessities, you know like hairspray and deodorant, ha! And you have no idea how tickled I was that a box of tissues fit in this space. Whew!


car console organization

I also keep a pouch of all sorts of random essentials like bandaids, Advil, a tape measure and a sewing kit. It tucks in nicely beside the white tin.

car console organization

Here’s how I organize the door storage on both sides. Wipes always at the ready and pouches for the win!

car door storagecar door storage

As you can see from my glove compartment, pouches really do make a huge difference to the organization of a vehicle.

glove compartment organization

Stored under the passenger seat I keep a travel bag of extra wipes, hand sanitizer and latex gloves. I would really hate to ever run out!

extra sanitation supplies

extra sanitation supplies

Here’s the trunk storage.

organized trunk

Finally don’t forget the garbage bags! This one is in the front on the passenger side attached with a command hook. I’ve been doing it this way for years with no problems.

car garbage bag

This one is in the back seat because the kids need a garbage bag too! These ones are my favorite that fit around the headrest and can be purchased on Amazon in a set of two for under $10. The bottom unfolds for easy emptying.

car garbage bag

Okay so that was probably more than you ever wanted to know, ha! Sorry about that. Let’s get into what you’ve all been waiting for, the giveaway, woohoo!

Car organizer Giveaway:

Car Cache Giveaway

Catherine has so kindly agreed to let me giveaway a Car Caché to one of my readers (you’ll get to choose between the black or tan color). To enter to win this fantastic car organizer all you have to do is fill in the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway open to everyone. As always only the first entry task is mandatory and all the rest after that are pure bonus for you (no comment necessary but of course they are always welcome!). Giveaway ends, Friday, August 14th at 4:00 pm MT. Good luck!  Please keep in mind that sometimes the Rafflecopter form takes a minute to load. If you don’t see it right away, please be patient. Thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you’d like to go ahead and purchase your own Car Caché, you can do that right HERE. This is the Amazon US site but for my Canadian friends you can use this link too because you will save $$. This is how I ordered mine as it was cheaper than ordering on even with the import fees (which they tell you up front) and exchange. While we will pay more for the Car Caché than our American friends I still feel it’s definitely worth it. Hope that helps!

What do you think about the Car Caché? Would it be helpful to you? If you have any questions about it, be sure to let me know!

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