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When we founded Cameron Peters Fine Lighting, we set out to create the world’s finest lighting showrooms. They therefore included chandeliers from the finest sources, such as Baccarat (France), Windfall (Germany) and Wilkinson (UK).

The centrepiece was the magnificent black Taif from Barovier & Toso (Murano, Venice). When we closed the showrooms, we sent it to Wilkinson to be fully checked over, cleaned and repacked, so it is as new. As part of our ongoing warehouse clearance, it’s got to go, so we are offering it for £15,750 inc. VAT. Barovier & Toso don’t have recommended retail prices any more, but in 2018 it was the sterling equivalent of £28,386 inc. VAT, so our price is a saving of OVER £12,000!!! As I said, one of the most iconic 20th century chandeliers at an exceptional price!

Why is this piece so iconic?

For over six centuries, the source of the finest glass has been been the Venetian island of Murano. The biggest name on the island (and the world’s sixth oldest company, founded in 1295) is Barovier & Toso. (Click here for their web site.)

Their most important 20th century chandelier is called Taif. It is important for two reasons:

  1. it combined two different traditions: the classic Murano glass designs and techniques, with the crystal decoration found on lead crystal chandeliers from the UK and Bohemia

  2. because it was the world’s first all-black chandelier (previously, black had only been used for details and highlights).

Why this mattered was that it is impossible to make black glass. So they make the very darkest burgundy possible, just as Baccarat’s first black chandelier a few years later was the very darkest blue. They both look black, though.

In fact, Taif is so important, there is a book about it!

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