8 Stunning Lights That Will Upgrade Your Dining Room Style

This entry was posted on September 26, 2019 by Jennie Sprigings.

No Pintrest board or remodel needed here!  We’ve selected 8 of our favorite lights that will instantly upgrade your dining room space.  If there is one place we look to again and again to create impact and showcase some personal style it is with the addition of a fabulous dining room fixture.  We recognize it can be a bit daunting with all the options out there, and it is easy to want to play-it-safe, so we’ve whittled it down here to provide some inspiration and encourage you to take the leap!

1. If you’re looking for a relaxed dining feel, the stunning LZF Link Suspension Lamp has a cloud-like structure that is easy on the eyes and elevating in its grace.


2. The Flos Splugen Brau Suspension Lamp is both charming and decidedly powerful, bringing a unexpected pop of energy to the room.



3. Looking for Elegance? The Moooi Heracleum II Suspension Lamp’s delicate yet playful structure adds a little spark to an otherwise classic dining room style.



4. Unfussy sophistication: The Foscarini Caboche Suspension Lamp — a modern chandelier — gives off an extraordinary lighting effect, embellishing any setting with a soft diffuse glow.



5. Vibrant & playful: Although Kartell’s FL/Y Pendant Lamp is simple in structure, the ability to choose it in one of 12 vibrant colors it will lift your mood and add a little energy to any dining space.


6. Unexpected charm: We love the way Verpan’s Fun 11DM Pendant Lamp and its strings of Mother of Pearl shells brings life and movement where it is otherwise unexpected.  A favorite piece for executing graceful juxtaposition!



7. Mid-Century Modern: The always glare-free Louis Poulsen PH5 is considered a modern design classic that will certainly make a statement and be a timeless addition to your home.



8. Striking contemporary: Pablo’s Bola Disc Pendant Lamp is a uniquely impressive fixture that casts a warm glow on any clean canvas.

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